The Toddler bed too & frow

So around a week ago we bit the bullet and put LPV into his toddler bed, well converted his cot to be precise. He’s about 2yrs & 4 months now, he’s not ready for potty training nor am  I ready to take away his pacifier for my own sanity, controversial?? yes, So sue me!!!

What I didn’t want to happen was LPV feeling pushed out of his cot as soon as Baby V arrives I wanted him to be settled feel a little bit more grown up and to be brutally honest with my ever growing tummy it was getting more and more difficult to lie him his cot.

Its started off so well, the cheeky little wee elf tricked us into a complete false pretence, turn’t us into those smug parents we all secretly want to punch. We’d cracked it I thought No need for one of these grow clock nonsence, he went asleep, he stayed asleep, he stayed in bed until we got him!! I was mistaken, now the little man has pulled the rug or bedsheet out from underneath us, now we have the afternoon nap ritual which goes as follows

I put him to bed, he gets up

I put him back to bed, he gets up

I calmly put him back, he gets up and asks for water

I give him water and sternly tell him to stay in his bed, he gets up!!

I tell him in my best cross mammy voice to go to bed, he cries, I put him back

He sleeps!!

I’ve actually given up on my afternoon snooze when he snoozes policy as me getting up and down wakes the other one cooking and then he/she decides its time for Kung foo fighting!!

The evening are not much better, the only difference is that daddy puts him to bed intially and by the time he’s down stairs, theres a little person at the the top of the stairs, staring at you in the dark, making you jump and poop yourself with fright when he says “hello” while your walking up the stairs!! However it doesnt end there, he does eventually go to sleep but about 2am he comes running in like Mo Farah jumps on the bed and tries to settle down before we realise he’s there and put him back!!


Please tell me this just another phase!!! my life seems to be made up of phases these days, I have purchased a “grow clock” however I’m not even sure he’s understand the concept of it, I think for now it will be just another distraction for him…………………….I don’t think he’s ever drank so much water in his life 😉

Cheeky boy!!

3 thoughts on “The Toddler bed too & frow

  1. Claire says:

    Hi Tracy, we put Oisin into a full size single bed last April and its being reasonably ok. We have to lie down and read him his story each night. we have nights where he is in and out a bit but on the whole he eventually gets used to it and goes to sleep by himself. In the night he sometimes comes into us and one or other of us usually takes him back to his bed and lies down with him for a few minutes to settle him. Its probably not the best solution to the problem but it works for us. Someone suggested glow stickers on the ceiling to help with going to sleep. might be worth a try. Good luck hun xxx

  2. Valerie says:

    We sat in the room until our son fell asleep. No tricks because I was right there! 😉 I found when our guy was 3 or so that he started pushing his bedtime from 8pm to a later time depending on how long of a nap he took (so if he took an hour nap his BT was 9pm, if his nap was 45 min his BT was 8:45). When you start seeing that his BT is later, that you may need to nix the nap. Just a tip. 🙂 I hope you can find a solution soon!

  3. MsXpat says:

    I wish I had an easy answer for you but I’m still trying to find one myself. It helps to know that you are not alone. My son has been sleeping in a single bed since he was about 16 months in his own room. However, after story time (or music and dance if he still needs to be worn out a bit) I have to lie down with him to fall asleep. Once he’s down around 8:30 -9:30pm he sleeps untill about midnight or 3am he’ll wake and come to our room climb in and go back to sleep or ask for milk if he didn’t eat enough during the day. I used to take him back to his room but after having to do it two three times in the night I got worn out and now that I’m heavily pregnant I no longer have the strength or patience to do so. So he sleeps with us for half the night. NO sure it all going to work when the baby arrives. At the moment I try to get through the day in one piece.

    If you do find a solution that works, for you, do share. In the interim, I’ll try Claire’s suggestion of the glow stars that sounds nice, would mind some for my room too :0)

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