So I’m a weeshy bit particular about my hair, you never tell of course as most of the time I look like Pat Sharp after he’s been hit by the shock waves gorilla****.

It takes me a lot of time to build up the courage to go to the hairdresser if it’s a new one. Being part an expat group you get to know all the good places to go and where the english stylists etc are. Now I’m NOT claiming that the English have better stylists but after counting lop sided Lebanese haircuts in Dubai, one can get a bit of twitchy arse when it comes to haircuts. This is not an insult meant for Lebanese people, you make amazing food but you come near my hair with scissors I will be forced to take action!!!

Tony & Guy have a salon here in Haarlem with English-speaking stylists, I told EPD I was getting my haircut & coloured

EPD: “Grand where you going?”

Me: Tony & Guy


Me: I’m sure it wont cost that much, scurry’s away

It was great cut and colour, I no longer look like an animal has died on my head but unless were going to starve LPV and sell the new baby on eBay, I probably wont be frequenting them again. However they did so kindly give me 20% off my next visit and friends and family vouchers which gets me 20% off again. Erm Thanks!! 20% off is shit isn’t it unless you buying a sofa or something Funny im making hand gestures and shrugging my shoulders getting really into this post. 20% is not really worth getting out of bed for, 40% maybe, that’s the joys of expat life I guess, No family friend to fill you in on gossip while the cut your hair.

**** for those who have NO idea what im talking about



One thought on “20%

  1. mumof4 says:

    I heard that Tony and Guy was crazy expensive so have never been. But friend’s sister swears by it and apparently you can get a glass of champagne. Included in the $$$$$$cost$$$$$$.

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