Maybe it’s the fact that I feel like I’ve been kicked by a horse, I could spend my life sleeping or the fact that this time next week I will be turning the wrong side of 35.
However it’s going to be a fairly exciting week next week, not only is it my birthday but a friend from uni who I haven’t seen for yonks is coming to stay. It’s my 4 year anniversary, yes we’ve survived another year, well I have, the poor guy has managed not to kill me for another year.
To top it all off we are heading to Tuscany for 7 whole days, so EPD were chatting about our evenings while little man is sleeping soundly. We obviously can’t go out partying like other holidays, there will be no delicious red wine for moi. So what’s left, well we’ve decided on playing cards, Buckaroo rock and farking roll, scrabble. I really want to avoid iPads, iPhones, I just want to talk, spending quality time together.

I know, I’m really getting old, alright I’m not at the stage where I’m putting my teeth in glass, but I’m missing the old me a little, the one whole wore ridiculously high shoes, that went out clubbing without a jacket. These days the closest I get to a CLUB is the chocolate kind that I brought home my last trip to the UK. I don’t miss it enough that I would change the life I have now, I love my life, but sometimes I can not believe that soon I’ll be a mother of two!!! Two!!!!!

Anyhoo I’m taking my old decrepit arse to bed, see you soon.xxx

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