Check in

So it’s been a while since I posted that I was back and then disappeared again. The truth is my pregnancy train seems to been suck in morning sickness city, which is twinned with soooo farking tired-ville.

I actually detest not being able to blog at the moment, I had so many story’s to tell you from our travels but not having the energy or enthusiasm for anything apart from sitting on my arse is incredibly frustrating.

Today has been an emotional day, LPV may or may not have the pox, chicken that is, so we’re kind of in self quarantine. He’s been vaccinated against it but it still have my doubts. However it’s times like this that miss the closeness of the relationships I had in Dubai with my Mama friends, the complete relaxation in someone’s company where you can just call round with your poxy toddler and be on house arrest with someone’s company. Don’t get me wrong I’m forming really close friendships here, maybe it’s just my hormones, but ladies I miss you.xx

Still the summer here is making settling here so much easier, getting out and about, exploring places is awesome, we’ve a great lake, outdoor pool which is so cold only penguins can swim in it.

Anyway I’m off again for how long I don’t know, in a few weeks familia V are off to Tuscany for 7 blissful days, I can’t wait, I’m and replacing my red wine with gelato!!!!

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