Vomit & the Dead sea

As I previously mentioned we headed to Jordan for  a wedding without LPV, it wasn’t supposed to be a sober holiday but I would change a thing.

So the magical time that is pregnancy is taking its toll on me now,  I’ve hit the sickness and nausea wall. I strongly believe this “pregnancy glow” that people talk about is a load of shite. If it isn’t then the fecker keeps passing me by, I have greasy hair which is starting to fall out already, spots and I could pretty much sleep on a washing line!

So 5 days in Jordan was just what the dr ordered, it was touch and go the day before as to whether I would make it having spent most of the day with my head down the toilet. However I made to the airport and to Jordan vomit free. The one thing I wanted to do was the Dead Sea whilst I was here so when a big group of us decided we’d rent a bus to take us down I was really pleased. It didn’t even cross my mind I wouldn’t be able to go in.

Someone said on the way down don’t put your face as it stings beyond belief, “hope your alright to go in” said hubs. I was getting worried now, so what does any concerned preggers mammy do? She Googles it of course, there it was in black and white, the gospel according to Trip advisor, pregnant mothers are advised not to go in! Typically the only thing I wanted to do I couldn’t I dipped a toe in and headed back to my sun lounger.

Better to be safe than sorry I guess.


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