So we took our little letter to the hospital that the Dr gave us, It’s not customary to be under a Dr its more midwife led here but I as I’m high risk due to Gestational diabetes in my last pregnancy. I had previously phoned the hospital to try to make an appointment but the conversation went like this

Me: I’d like to make an appointment please to se blah blah

Them: You need to register with the hospital, I will put you through

Me: Thank you,  I’d like to register please to make an appointment blah blah

Them: You want to make appointment you have to register first

Me: that’s what I’m trying to, 

Them:  geboortedatum

Me: Pardon??

Them: birthday 

Me: Oh it’s………………..

Them: I think you come in person no mistakes then.

I do as instructed and go to the hospital the next day, EPD & LPV in tow, the same thing again, I get frustrated and start blurting out the word Zwanger like I have pregnancy Tourette’s or something, hopping that she’ll understand. After I felt like I had acted out the pharmacy scene in Bridget Jones Dairy 2, we were usher upstairs to the Gynae department. I stand in yet another queue when I explain I need to make an appointment I get ushered to sit down………………..5 minutes pass, LPV is running around the nice quiet hospital with EPD following after.

10 minutes pass, I go up and ask why I’ve been told to sit when I only want to make an appointment, the dutch ball drops and at last we are on the same page. Its takes a while but 25 mins after we leave with a Scan and OBGYN appointment made.

Guess what?? I can’t make the scan appointment *runs around screaming*

2 thoughts on “Zwanger!!

  1. Kirstie Shaw says:

    Oh dear, you poor thing! Its never easy being pregnant in a foreign country but at least in the UAE they spoke mostly english in the hospitals! I would be ripping my hair out love!

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