Write or Say goodbye

That was two choices this evening, either write a post or say goodbye to Expatbabyadventures forever! Don’t think I could bring myself to ever delete this blog, it symbolises a tough time in my life that I got through and became a stronger and more confident person. However It takes it toll and for while I lost sight of why I was doing it, the promise of award made me giddy and although it was such a complete and utter honour to be nominated by you guys, it made me write for the wrong reasons.

Anyhoo that isn’t the only reason for my absence,  the reasons are…. being able to sleep on a washing line, boobs like weapons of mass destruction, wanting to eat my body weight in McDonald’s, Yep I’m am pregnant with Bubba No.2. I was going to start another blog about the pregnancy but to be honest I think I’ll struggle keeping up with this one. Im going to post about all our adventures over the last two months we visited Jordan, Ireland, took LPV on a 20 hour ferry crossing!! Not for the faint hearted I can tell you! However the next few posts will be from the new blog that I started and cancelled.

Enjoy and Pssssst “it’s good to be back!!!” I missed you!!


12 thoughts on “Write or Say goodbye

  1. Jessabella says:

    Congratulations! And enjoy your journey being pregnant with baby no. 2! We all get blogger woes sometimes, so don’t stop writing become now I prefer to read! 😉

  2. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    Huge Congratulations. Lovely & very exciting news 🙂

    And so glad you’re not leaving this blog. I am struggeling to keep posting on mine at the mo (eldest daughter not in a good way) but I aim to just do a post as & when I get chance.

    Anyway fab news, take care & look forward to reading about your travels when you get chance & feel up to it 🙂

    Jo xxx

  3. Nikki Thomas says:

    Oh my god that is amazing!!! Congratulations! I’m so pleased for you after the heartache earlier in the year and I am glad you’re not deleting!! However I have nearly deleted mine a few times over the year so I know that feeling! Make sure you take care of yourself xx

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