Old T-shirt

Do have items in your life that are just a complete pain in your arse??? I do mine is an old pyjama top of mine that LPV took a shine too when he was a wee bub and he now takes it everywhere and sleeps with it. If we don’t have it a bedtime its like Armageddon in our house.

So you can imagine my pure delight I felt when I realised that we had either left it at Mum’s & Tots or he decided to throw it out the bakfiets on the way home. Only in the house 5 frigging minutes I had to re strap him in and pedal off the exact way I came home. This meant cycling the wrong way down the cycle paths. Now I found the dutch to get quite agitated if you get the whole cycling etiquette wrong here. So whilst doing the 30 minute round trip for the 2nd time of the day you can imagine how ecstatic I was. I must have been cycling with a face like a smacked arse as even though the other cyclist were giving very disapproving looks for my complete disregard to the cycling rules, they took one look at my face smiled and peddled as quickly as they could.

We get to the hall where Mum’s & tots is held and as I pull up I see the stinking, scabby navy blue t-shirt just basking in the lunch time sun, I park up the bike, quickly run in and grab the T -shirt. At this point I have to say I hadn’t locked the bike purely because I was literally two seconds. I turn around to come out and the bike and LPV are gone. My initial thought are FFS were wheres my baby,now I have a snuggly and no farking kid, who stole my kid. I get out of the gate and there is the bike with LPV looking a bit shocked, the bike had rolled down the pavement was half on the curb half in line with a parked BMW. I have to say I have absolutely NO idea how it rolled as it flat but there you go, someone upstairs is obviously trying to teach me a lesson. It was a superb piece of parallel parking on the bikes behalf tho, thanks be to god that it didn’t roll any further and roll right into the BMW or even worse roll in a different direction and end up in the middle of the road.

Maybe in hindsight I should have left the farking t-shirt, or locked the bike all I know is that now I have happy sleeping toddler, Im shattered and snuggly is home


5 thoughts on “Old T-shirt

  1. Mum obrien says:

    Oh trace you just crack me up never laughed so much reading your blog . It all happens to you loved to have seen your face to say while riding like a women pocessed just love it . Xx

  2. Ellie at Emerald Pie says:

    Oh I was afraid that story was going to have a bad ending like you didnt find the t-shirt and THEN you throw in a missing child. Jaysus, I need a cup of tea to get over the shock!! 😉
    Very smart bike you have though, able to park itself. It would be worth a fortune on ebay I reckon.

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