So this week sees the build up to a certain wee mans 2nd birthday, 2 years old!!!! I HAVE A 2 YR OLD, I cannot believe it sometimes, I often still look at him and think this can’t be true someone from the hospital is going to call and say they want him back. At the moment I only think this when he’s a sleep, as currently he is a demonic elf in Elmo pyjama’s and this weekend I came close to wanting to put him out side the front door with a sign saying “free to a good home”.

Still I hear the terrible two’s are  phase 0h god when will it end that they all go through, on reflection he is a good boy, in his 2 short years on the planet he’s been on more aeroplanes than I’ve had hot dinners, he’s been to Dubai, Oman, Qatar, Holland Finland, Belgium,Ireland and England and the lucky little blighter has already flown business class, of course mammy had to have his welcome champagne.

So while all my fellow bloggers will be living it up at Brit mums live this weekend I will be knee-deep in Gruffalo cake, poisonous warts and scrambled snakes. Here we are in a new country having made a new set of friends to share the birthday fun with, this time we even have Grandma & Granddad coming so that is awesome too.  It will so different to last years celebrations, different home, different surroundings, different face, the only thing that’s is looking to stay the stay same is that the weather will forbid us to go outside, it’s either too flipping hot in one place or pouring with rain in another.

Anyhoo our house will now be turning into Gruffalo party central, you can expect some rather stressed post between now and D or Bday

Peace out pop-pickers

8 thoughts on “2

  1. The Ninja Mommy says:

    Its such a great milestone, almost as good as one as your little one gets officially inducted into the toddler hall of fame! Alas terrible twos seem to go right up into the threes..mine is about to turn three and I am only sort of starting to return to normality now! I remember how excited and shocked I was when she turned two…lovely reading this post and remembering! Congrats Mom!

    • Expat Mammy says:

      Thank you, thanks for stopping by too I’m sure over the next yr he’ll creative lots of memories we can umm cherish lol

  2. Asturian Diary says:

    Happy Birthday to the wee man…and good luck to you with all the party planning! My little fella’s two and a half now – it’s a great age. They may have their moments (ahem) but they’re so much fun too 🙂

  3. Laura @ Chez Mummy says:

    How lovely. While I am mega excited about BritMums Live, if I had the choice between that or a birthday, I’d choose cake and party games every time. Hope your little man has a wonderful day

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