Euro 2012

Well the only positive thing I can say about it is the McDonald’s menu is pretty cool, that’s about it. What are we, one week in?? I am so over it, it’s on my tv EVERYNIGHT. Ok I understand we have to watch Ireland , we have to watch Holland, and we have to keep an Eye on England so a certain house member can cheer for the other side. However is watching  Italy spain, Croatia… Russia necessary ,  his logic for this?? Well we might go there one day!!

We thought we’d get into the dutch football spirit so we put up bunting, Irish bunting too oh and two inflatable hammers in the window in Ireland colours, they came down immediately on my return from the UK. However it appears we’re the only people in our street who have any spirit what so ever, I am half expecting a strongly worded dutch note through the door, to tell us we’re lowering the tone of the neighborhood. As neither Ireland or Holland are doing particularly well, putting mildly. I though my pain would stop but apparently It will continue until the final.

I suppose the best part is that I don’t feel guilty sitting at the top of the house blogging and just generally messing around on twitter. I may even get him to do the ironing while he’s watching it!!

So my antidote to Euro 2012?? EURO Chick flick 2012, every chick flick ever made, the one’s that drive the husbands mental, the ones you know are utter rubbish but you’ll say you like it just to do his head in. These should be played non stop to for two weeks solid, french ones, spanish ones………………………you name it

C’mon girls lets take back the Telly!!!

Euro 2012 widow.xx


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