Travel schmavel

I would just like to share one thing with you all, I hate low cost airlines. Let’s face it they’re not really low cost when you add on the extras like, checking in a case or paying with a credit card breathing on board. Also they are the absolute worse when travelling with children.
So I’ve thought I’d come with some helpful tips to survive them.
• Bring on as much electronic equipment as possible, iPad, iPhone your PC from home if you need too, sit your child on your lap and face the window so they can’t see it. A certain orange airline make you switch it off and the sit on the runway for about and an hour!
• Be the last annoying passenger to get on the plane. As it so annoying trying to keep a child happy while your queuing for hours to board a plane that hasn’t even arrived yet!! Yes certain Celtic airline I’m talking about you!!
• Bring enough food to feed a small army, cos if the electronic distractions dint work, your fooked!!
• Don’t fly low cost…….

There now that’s my piece, you can probably tell I had another magical experience flying low cost today, and I didn’t even have a child with me!!
Opinions are my own but I would still say it to their faces!!!!! Blows raspberry at orange airline!!


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