On June 1st life as we know changed, it was the day “it” entered our house and no matter how hard I try I can not get it to leave!!
I’m talking about the terrible two’s, on June 1st someone flipped a switch and turn my angelic little man into a demonic planker *no it’s not rhyming slang for another word, he really is a planker*


Ok it’s not that bad he’s generally ok but meal times in our house now could quite possibly be used to put girls off teenage pregnancy.
“LPV come and have some nummies” cue the planking, it reminds me of my sisters spaniel, when you want her to go out and she doesn’t want to move she lies down with her legs in the air so you can move her!
LPV planks!!!
The strong sensible parents have turned into weak, pleading, bargaining wrecks! Shadows of our former parenting self and negotiate with an almost 2 year old politician *representing the Ice cream party*. How many spoonfuls is a acceptable amount before the mini magnum makes an appearance!

Damn you terrible two’s!!!!

5 thoughts on “Planking

  1. babberblog says:

    That picture reminds me so much of how my little brother used to be!

    He would go so rigid with rage that my mum could pick him up by the back pockets of his jeans and move him around!

  2. mumofthreeboys says:

    I know I shouldn’t laugh but this post diddle me giggle, looks like LPV has got the Planking to a T! My little one used to just sit down and not move and go all dead weight so it would be harder for me to pick him up. Hope he grows out of it soon! Maybe you could plank with him and then he might not think he’s getting to you x

  3. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    Oh you are so not alone. I’ve done the terrible 2’s and the planking 5 times now….shortly heading for the 6th and final time. Seriously it grew old very quick with the first (can’t belive I signed up for more of it !), who despite being disabled could easily scream for hours about quite literally anything and turn her body as rigid as a plank. I’d love to say the terrible 2’s have got easier for me with time but I’d be fibbing. The terrible 2’s have just grown sooo old on me now lol. I have now developed the tolerance of a saint I think some day’s. I have got so used to going about my daily routine with the sounds of earpiercing screams ringing in my ear’s and a child laid rigid at my feet !. My 4 year old is just heading out of them but I have an 18 month old son to go yet…I love my kids dearly but I find the years between 2 & 4 have definitely been the most exhausting for me. My now 13yr old had the worst tantrums ever when she was a toddler which is unbelieveable now as she’s just a pleasure (despite being a teenager).
    Hopefully your son will pass this phase quickly 🙂 xxx

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