Mammies gone wild

I am away from my baby……… You know what that means? I’m living the life of Riley, I’m drunk all the time, I’m sleeping soundly, sleeping in….. a real time for mammies gone wild!!

So far I’ve sat next to a family with a toddler on the plane and used the episodes of “Chuggington” on my phone to pacify their daughter. I actually bought some M&S knickers, I’ve had 3 Gins in a tin, restless sleep, hence the 1am blog post. I’ve been up at 8am and lastly done a shop at ASDA or CHAVSDA and although I didn’t see any shoppers in their dressing gowns and slippers *highly disappointed* I did purchase Jelly snakes for a certain toddlers Gruffalo party!! Scrambled snake here we come!!

Oh how the mighty have fallen……..

Anyhoo tomorrow is a new day and the day I’m off with my Mam and big sis to watch “Westlife” *watches street cred disappear into the sunset*. I may be completely out of control and throw my new M&S knickers at them!!

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