Worlds best Gelato

Last night we were brave, we booked a babysitter!!!I know! amazing huh!!

As you well know from my previous post Babysitters I’ve found the expat/babysitter situation a wee bit stressful but I glad we did it. It was a late night shopping night in Haarlem and all the shops were offering discounts, so EPD and I have some couple and went out. EPD got back from a few days in Dublin yesterday and I off to Sunny old Brissle tomorrow so it was nice. Typically LPV took ages to settle and when the babysitter rang the doorbell he was still moaning for “airmanes”. In the end we just left both smiling but both panicking under the smile!!. I think was about 15 minutes before I called…………

Me: Hi it’s LPV’s mammy!! Really who else would it be

BS: He’s well, he’s sleeping

Me: Good, did I leave the gas on


Me: do you understand?

BS Yes, it’s not on, in her OMG you are a freak voice!!

We met with some friends who also used to live in Dubai and moved her a few months before us. Over a couple of glasses of vino & beer we reminisced over the big sand pit and generally had a fabby night. Walking home we made a detour to what is apparently the best Gelato in Holland??

Personally I not going to argue, it was heaven in my mouth, you have 5 really small scoops of any flavour, I had, NY cheesecake, Tiramisu, Popcorn, Mojito  and some other one!! OMG gert lush as they say in my hometown!!

Got me thinking about what other flavours would be fab………… here’s my list

Gin & Tonic

Ginger ale

Berry cider

Custard & Jam roly poly

There was a common theme, what flavour would you choose???

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