Off to my dream world

You were there for summer dreaming………………………………lalallalaaaa. I hate Robbie, anyway feeling a little uninspired today after a big hoe down with the Dr receptionist, which has result in me telling her to go f**k herself and changing Dr’s surgery. So I’ve decided to follow a blog prompt by the lovely Britmums, it is quite fitting as I’m starting to dream of my holidays now so that obviously means I’m in desperate need of one!! We are in fact going to have a great summer, we have a week in Jordan planned and I am currently searching the net for suitable a Italian getaway for family Expat to descend upon.

However my dream holiday at this point

An absolutely gorgeous converted farmhouse and barn up in the rolling hills of Tuscany, preferably next to a vineyard so I would have to walk far to get a glass of wine. It would be big enough to house our immediate families and we could all have space to do our own thing. Coming together in the evenings to sip wine, eat pasta and argue chew the fat. We could go Florence, my niece and I could visit Volterra (twilight fans) and take in some culture!! babysitters on tap, a cook, a cleaner oh and a spa. Maybe head to the coast or go for cycle……………………..Ahhhhhhhh!! *Floats away*

Hello holiday


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