At school my Home Economics teachers told me I  was stupid and wouldn’t amount to anything,  granted I’m NO Mensa member but I’m not stupid and I certainly didn’t achieve nothing!! I have two Childcare Qualifications and  spent 3 years Studying for my Paediatric Nursing qualifications, which I passed. I’m not going to sit here and say Uni was a breeze cos I’d so be growing a large Nose!! But the fact of the matter I achieved it and I was good at what I did.

Check me out mind!!

I found a loving husband a gave birth to an amazing beautiful baby boy, who is by far my greatest achievement yet!! Some might say to  find a husband isn’t a great achievement but If you were married to my husband you would agree with me, in this day and age where divorce is high and monogamy is scarce I was blessed the day got talking to his  drunken arse on the dance floor in O’Neills.  He is supportive of all my hopes and dreams and through the darks days of PND he encouraged me to write this blog. This award nominated blog!!!

I think you can safely say I didn’t really have much confidence at school, who would with demonic diet coke guzzlers for teachers but I did love to write. Sometimes I look back on my time and think did I choose the easy way out with childcare? Actually I didn’t I’ve done some of the hardest jobs in my life since I qualified from all of child related courses I have taken. I hope someday to return to nursing to make LPV proud of me too. However why didn’t I do something which involved writing? I don’t think it too late, my dream is to write a children’s book but I’m taking baby steps towards this, whilst living in Dubai I wrote a couple of pieces for a Pregnant in Dubai and yesterday I had a travel piece published on the Amsterdam Mama’s website.

I not really sure where this post is going, it’s all stemmed from my little wee genius boy, I know I know every mammy thinks her child is a genius. I am so proud of him tho he’s not even two yet and he can from 1 to 10, he recognises  the numbers 2, 8 and 9!!  I was just sat with and I was about to start one of his favourite stories “A squash and a Squeeze”, the Opening line is ” A little old lady” I was just about to read rea when he points at the letter A and starts shouting  ” A Mammy, A”. Bloody brilliant in my book!! I was thinking he must get it from his dad but then look at what I’ve achieved!!!! Maybe it’s from me too, who knows!!!

*Runs off and calls MIT and Harvard*

4 thoughts on “Acheivements

  1. deskmonkeymummy says:

    Well done! Going to uni isn’t easy.

    Teachers should never berate pupils like that.

    If you want a writing challenge look up Nanowrimo. Thirty days, fifty thousand words.

    And well done to LPV!

  2. mumofthreeboys says:

    Hun sounds Like you have plenty too be proud of and have definitely made some huge achievements. Not many can say they have done half of what you have achieved do far.
    Your H.E teacher needs a good kick up the jacksie for saying that to you. You have far from proved him/her wrong x

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