For the last week or so I haven’t been sleeping properly,  not due to the small person either. It’s worries, insignificant worries. I will always be a worrier however I haven’t always been one, I used to be quite laid back until I decided to become a nurse then it all went Pete Tong.

Although it’s nothing major, thanks be to god all is well *touches a million wooden things* in expat house, we’re all beginning to settle, I’m making friends, my bestie is coming to see me from Kansas, awesome!! You see I have these lists, lists in my head, sometimes they make as far as the notice board but mostly they’re in my head, I like to tick the off one at a time. I still have major concerns about the lifestyle we have chosen along with the day-to-day stuff that every Mammy/parent or person worries about. Lets start off small……………………………..

  • I worry that I won’t fit into my dress for next months wedding
  • Worry that LPV’s birthday party will be pant and I’ll totally fark up his Gruffalo cake!!
  • I worry that I am a bad wife as I can never keep on top of this house
  • I worry that my blog is pants and that soon I will get bored or worse still my readers will
  • I worry that If I eat the caramel popcorn tonight all my hard work this week will be ruined

Ok so now the major expat stuff

  • That I will never ever truly fit in anywhere?
  • That people really don’t like me they’re just being nice?
  • That I will never be able to speak dutch?
  • That LPV gets picked on at nursery because he’s not dutch?
  • Where will we be this time in 2 yrs?
  • Is LPV happy with his life?
  • Will we ever have our own home again?
  • Is EPD happy?
  • Could I handle having a baby here?
  • Are we being fair to our families?
  • Should be doing something important paperwork wise that we haven’t done etc?

So there you have it my worries as expat, this post was inspired by Expat Explorer, at this point I would like to say a huge huge thank you too my readers, I hope your not bored!! Its thanks to you that I am a finalist in The Brit mum’s Brilliance in Blogging awards. The award ceremony is in a few weeks time, and although I would move heaven and earth to go, get glammed up and be in the company of most of the most amazing bloggers to walk the earth. I will be ever so glam in my kitchen making a Gruffalo cake for a certain small persons birthday, I would love to go but this blog does what it says on the tin!! It’s all about the baby’s adventures.

Keep your fingers crossed for us


Finalist woooooo hooooooo

8 thoughts on “Worries

  1. Average Jo says:

    I am a worrier these days too.

    What helps me sleep at night is a note pad by my bed. If I’m laid there worrying at night (because things always feel worse at night) I write them all down. Emptying them from my head so I dont feel like I’m anxiously holding on to them. I then resolve to look at them in the light of day & write down possible action plans to help resolve them. I always start with the smaller more achievable ideas first. Thats how I get by anyway lol.

    For what its worth you always sound like an amazing Mum to me & really strong to manage like you do so far from family & friends. I also think you’re giving your son a wonderful multi cultural childhood. I’m sure he’ll look back one day and think what an amazing childhood he had and
    how lucky he was. You are always considering him. What little boy could ask for more. You’re an amazing mum doing an amazing job.
    Oh and your blog is definitely never boring

  2. mother.wife.me says:

    I empathise, I am a constant worrier too. You’re doing fine, in fact you’re doing great from what I read / see, so maybe give yourself a day off from worrying, see how you like it and then grow it to two days…

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