There’s huge buzz on twitter at the moment, Jubilee related. My good twitter bud NotSoSlummy is the bestest and is sending me out a Cadbury’s chocolate bar with the Jubilee wrapper.

Photo source tea&sympathy!

My earliest Jubilee memories are from seeing a photo of a street party,there was bunting, cakes etc  my sister looked really young about 2yrs maybe, I wasn’t in the picture, either quite literally or just not in the photo. They never took photo’s off me anyway *plays violin*, 2nd child n all that, I swear its cos I’m adopted, LOL, My mam’s going to kill me for writing  that!!

Who is that adorable baby?? I guess I was in the picture!!

I’m very excited about the Jubilee and I was equally excited about the Olympic flame in Bristol, my home town. For people who know me this is big as I tend not to be patriotic at all,  I don’t support any English teams in major sporting events such as rugby or football.  I literally do not understand Cricket or tennis so that counts those out!! I find it hard to get behind the English teams when they have absolutely no honour, they play with their  heads & wallets rather than their hearts & the privilege to play for their country.  I will be supporting team GB tho,You might say it’s hypocritical, I might say, UP yours!!

During the Olympics we will also be supporting Ireland, that’s kind of a unwritten rule really.  When LPV was first-born I was quite happy for him to have an Irish passport, I still am. I was happy for him to wear Ireland jersey’s etc Not so much England jerseys it just made life easier and I don’t support them. However I don’t want him to grow up with negative feeling towards the English his Grandma and most of his maternal side of the family are English and well they’re pretty amazing people actually. (Although my sister swears blind we are Italian, this may have something to do with bottles of Italian wine she’s been drinking). His Granddad (my dad) is Irish and all his paternal side of the family  also, and they’re pretty amazing too. He should be equally proud of where he hails from.

So why all of a sudden am I being  patriotic? Well you see,  I am a royalist, I love them, they’re the reason  to be proud of England , not John Terry and his wandering member. I dragged expatdaddy to a royal wedding party last year in Dubai and this Jubilee weekend I will be dragging him to a Jubilee garden party also. If I had bunting here in Holland I would put it up as I’m sure come the weekend the dutch streets  will be a shower of Orange bunting due to the Euro 2010, which we’ll fully get on board with too.

So for my last words of this post I will leave you with the lovely Nososlummy & @citygirlnomore

Happy Jubilee everyone!!

You tell em kiddo!!

4 thoughts on “Jubilee

  1. @Babberblog says:

    Actual lol at “John Terry and his wandering member” 🙂

    I’m not too bothered about all this jubilee lark personally. I like the extra day off work, and if other people want to get excited about it and wave flags and have parties that’s all good with me. People doing things that make them happy, that’s what makes me happy 🙂

  2. family four fun says:

    Love this post I think you sit somewhere in same position as me on this – we live in Ireland and the younger children were born here. I want them to embrace both cultures, I’m pleased my eldest is proud to be British but I want him to be equally proud of his Irish culture.

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