Time is going so fast, it seems like ages ago I booked 1 seat on easyjet to take me, just me home for the weekend to see Westlife *coughs and  pretends she still cool*. Its two weeks away, I have to leave my boys all alone on their own with NO mammy/wifey to feed them, tell to stop kicking the ball in the living room. Im getting a bit ancy about it, LPV will have to change his day at daycare or go an extra day, will he cope OK? will EPD cope OK? Will I cope OK? will I be disappointed if they do cope OK? That proves I’m not as depended on as I thought. So many questions, however I am looking forward to being at an airport on my own, not having to chase a toddler round the departure gate. To board a plane by myself not having to struggle to hold onto a toddler whilst folding down a pushchair and holding hand luggage. I can read a book, I can buy a hot drink on the plane without worrying about me or LPV wearing it!!!!

The break will do me good, I’m going to boost the Welsh economy and stock up on lady garments *coughs, big tents*, I going to visit my Bristol bestie who’s just popped out another wee small person out and most of all I’m spending time with my family, although I’m sure they’d be much more delighted with my return if I was bringing a certain person with me!! Eat my mam’s roast, leave my clothes all over my old bedroom floor, drink all my dad’s wine and then leave!!

I’ll probably be bored at the airport or late and end up sprinting for the gate!!!


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