Spider monkey

The weekend was a bank holiday weekend here in Holland so LPV and I were delighted to have EPD home for a long weekend. We were going to go away but decided we’d explore a bit and go to a few places that people have recommended to us.

So we slapped on the sun cream loaded up the car and set of for Apenheul. Apenheul is a monkey/ wildlife park, kind of like longeat but you don’t drive through it you walk. The Monkeys are allowed to roam free, well some of them are, I would of probably shit myself if I came face to face with a gorilla!
LPV thought he was in heaven as he was set free from his buggy. Our first stop was the Spider Monkeys, they were very cute and very cheeky ( much like somebody else I know). My son went nuts he was like a Duracell bunny on blue smarties. He ran around chasing monkeys, laughing his head off. I never knew he could run that fast. The monkeys would hop onto the buggy and LPV would go nuts, “NO Mongme!!!” “NO bike”. I just like to clarify here that LPV calls his buggy his bike!! It gets quite confusing sometimes.
When he had terrorised all the monkeys we moved on, he had used up all his energy and completely burnt himself out. We ended up missing the gorilla feed due to tantrum central. We quickly walked through the rest of the park with our very our grumpy gorilla, bundled him into the car and headed home. All tantrums aside it was a fab day. Highly recommend it if your ever in the country!!




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