Yesterday I complimented a Twitter bud of mine, this led to about an hour of tweeting with her and other Twitter buds on how much we hate our bodies etc. Today I feel NO better especially after trying on all of  my Dubai clothes and NONE of them fitting me.

Cue complete and utter body melt down,  I exercise, I do, I swear, I’ve actually started to build up my running. It’s going ok but truth be told I farking hate every second of it. My lifestyle in Holland has made me way more outdoorsy than I used to be I bike or walk most days I do yoga around twice a week and I go to gym around twice a week. Yet….. I AM STILL FARKING FAT!!!!! I know people say they are fat  sometimes because they want people to say “oh No you’re not” and they know they’re not themselves. But I am, I weigh 4 stone heavier than my own mother and this is bad.

When I moved to Dubai I put on the obligatory “Dubai stone” from brunches, nights out and the fact that everything is delivered to you door God I miss that *calls KFC in Amsterdam, can you deliver? gets told to f**k off* When I had LPV I had gestational diabetes so I only gained 16lbs during my pregnancy so with 10 weeks of pumping Breast milk it fell off really easily. So I really have No excuse to be the way that I am, except for the fact that I have a very unhealthy relationship with food.

Is it the expat lifestyle?? I don’t know, is it the lifestyle mixed with the fact I have zero will power? I don’t know. All I know is that soon I will start to take down the mirrors in my house and go and buy a job lot of pyjama’s

Right now I have my moan, I’m off to eat some celery or buy some Pyjama’s, whatever burns more fat!!


2 thoughts on “Bodies

  1. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    Aww hun, I can so empathize. I have been online and bought myself a job lot of maxi dresses and light cardigans to hide in. I have lost weight (quite a bit), but in all honesty, I don’t feel better about myself at all.

    I think we just need to be a bit kinder to ourselves, we’re nice people, good mammys, thats the important stuff we need to hang on to more. A lot of my friends are bigger than they’d like to be BUT they are beautiful women, and even more so when they wear a smile. You are beautiful too & have a lovely family.

    I’m going to try and say stuff it this summer, my weight has always been up and down.
    It’s easier said than done I know.
    Take care hun xxx

  2. MsXpat says:

    Don’t be too hard on yourself. As we get older it’s harder to loose the weight. Try to find a diet you can stick to. Calorie counting worked for me, as it allowed me to eat and have treats but in a sensible portion. My problem was over eating and comfort eating. As the summer approaches try salads, smoothies but filling recipes like the ones have couscous or wild rice etc I know its frustrating trying to lose weight but take it one day at a time and don’t give up :0)

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