The Lake

Title sounds like this post should be scary doesn’t it? The Lake staring Expatmammy & LPV will they get out……Alive!!!!!

Actually it wasn’t scary we had the best afternoon, who needs Jumeirah beach when you can have a couple of days or random sunshine in Holland and….The Lake!! The mammies at the expat group had always talked about the lake, I was starting to worry whether it would be one of those things I’d never get round to doing like shaving my legs luckily we went today and legs have been shaved!!

Basically the Lake does exactly what it says on the tin!! It’s a lake surrounded by sand dunes and is part of the Kennermerland National park, best part for us? it’s a 20 minute cycle away. Today however we went by car, as I was particularly thankful for on the way back.

Da Lake!!!!


So we had a blast, both me and friend packed a few wee snacks, K brought her UV tent  so LPV could sit in it, however he never sat still for more than 2 mins, enough time to stuff some wotsits in his mouth and away he went. Factor 50 slapped on him so not a bit of skin of  that precious Irish skin could see the sun. He was in the water, out the water, in the water, out the water, face down in the sand, cried for a bit. Back in the water, fell face down in water, got up dusted his hands (???). Stole a few toys off other children, Mammy gave a few toys back, LPV has a policy being if you snooze you loose when it come to others toys!!

As our time wore on he gradually went from shorts, t-shirt & nappy to just  T-shirt with me following him around with his spade. Just incase he decided to relieve himself Number 2 wise in the lake, luckily he saved that for Expatdaddy at bath time. On the way back to the car we stopped for a lolly but this was not good enough for my son, so whilst I had a small kid sized fruit lolly he has a  great big full-sized white chocolate magnum. It’s now 19:40 and he’s gone to bed without a peep, dreaming of his next watery escapade!!!

We call this one “Cockleshell Bay”



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