Cokey or Pokey we’re all still friends

I did a lot of research before we moved to Holland, I wanted to be out and about meeting people I joined the Amsterdam mama’s group on Facebook and pretty much went to the opening of an envelope. Unfortunately a lot of the AM’s functions were too far away for me when we moved to Haarlem, Again I research and I came across the English-speaking Haarlem group that I’ve mentions in previous posts. Anyhoo to cut along story short yesterday was the regular meet up of playgroup/Mam’s & tots, we all have to take it in turns hosting each week, buying snacks, providing entertainment if you like.

Our two hosts today, did a musical theme, the sun was beaming down as the children were running away and left their mammies holding various forms of instruments and singing songs. Having a large group of expats together is fab some conversations, words songs always get lost in translation. Take the Hokey Cokey or for my US friend Pokey, this song will always give away nationalities, if your British/English your knees bent arms stretched , Ra Ra Ra will give you away immediately!!! And we may even get some “you strange breed looks”!!! I Love it thou I love the bits of songs where everyone mumbles as they know it’s going to be different. This type of groups for expats are imperative, to have somewhere to go and meet people  like you, people who have been here and no the score plus also people new like you with the exact same “deer caught in the bakfiets bike light”.

If you’re an expat living in Haarlem contact the English-speaking Haarlem group vis their website if you new to Amsterdam check out Amsterdam Mama’s, if you’re an expat somewhere else and feeling alone bite the bullet and research groups in your area, if you can’t find one, start one yourself as I can guarantee there is another mammy just like you feeling exactly the same

These are all my own opinions and I received not payment for my recommendations!! Although I may demand extra cake next week at Mam’s & tots

Busy with the musical instruments, as you can tell


One thought on “Cokey or Pokey we’re all still friends

  1. thepickledprincess says:

    Love this, i can just imagine all the mummys stood round singing different words to the song while the kids are all playing together somewhere else!! Great post hun and glad you found other expat mummies xxx

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