It’s all just rugby

So this weekend we donned our water proofs, packed the buggy with rain covers and brollies and off we went to the Amsterdam 7’s.
It’s a slight difference in preparation from when we used to go the Dubai 7’s, there is was wear as little ad possible *without ending up in prison* slap on the sun cream and the hats. This wasn’t LPV’s first rugby 7’s he attended the Dubai 7’s in 2009 safe in surroundings of my tummy. Not the best day out for a preggers lady suffering from “I could sleep on a washing line” syndrome surrounded but drunken people. Still I always found it to be a really good family atmosphere and the Amsterdam 7’s were no exception.

Dubai 7’s 2009

Still not one of the drunken people this year *although not having a cheeky one would been rude*. It was great to watch our wee man in his Ireland jersey throw a ball around with other children.


Although we were not in Dubai the sun didn’t let us down, the day turned out to be beautiful and I you could see expat daddy’s red head you will know I’m not lying. It was a great atmosphere, Ireland ladies won their match and much to my disgust I paid 50cent to have a pee. I have no idea what is with this country and charging to pee but that’s a whole other post.



2 thoughts on “It’s all just rugby

  1. Jessabella says:

    haha! Yes 50cents per pee.. and no, not USD cents but EUR cents. When I first landed… I cannot help grumbling about paying so much for a pee, now I hold my pee! haha! 😛

  2. mumofthreeboys says:

    I paid 30pence for a pee the other day in London and they tried charginge another 30p to take my baby in with me, bloody cheek!
    LPV look like he was having lots of fun, glad it turned out to be. Good day x

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