Bakfiets of Hazzard

That’s right theres a new “General Lee” in town. Ok so maybe Im a bit carried away but if you could see my moves on this new mode of transport we have, you would be suitably impressed. Im am now what they call SFD *So farking Dutch* it’s like I was born to drive this thing.

Granted it’s heavy and you have to take the corners carefully otherwise you’ll end up taking them on one wheel, speaking from experience I can assure you I had everything under control. I’m so glad we bought it, it’s honestly like having a 2nd car, I can go to the supermarket and get a weekly shop and a child in it, the best thing? Is that I don’t have to get down off the sadle cos Im too short for the bike, the fact that it has 3 wheels I just sit there until the lights change. When they do eventually change I still sit there cos it’s so bloody heavy I can’t move the farking thing.


The bakfiets is a great invention, we got ours second hand at a really good price. However if you want to buy a new one I suggest you think about selling a major organ on the black market!
Although we got a good price for our I thought that I could use it in other ways to may the money back….. Here’s what I have so far
• Buy a stripey apron, grow a moustache and deliver selling hotdogs and ice cream
• Offer a child bakfiets taxi service
• Enter the Olympics and cycle around that bike track thingy, showing off my corner skills
• Furniture removal for very tiny people
• Gigantic pizza delivery
• Wedding transportation
• Put on the rain cover and use it as a mobile greenhouse for my strawberry plants


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