I love a good package

You filthy minded so in so’s………………. There’s nothing more exciting than seeing the UPS or TNT van pull up outside my house, mostly they used to be all for us however lately my farking  neighbours  seem to have gone on a spending spree which is their prerogative but they’re never in when their stuff gets delivered. It’s gotten so regular that the little man who delivers it’s just laughs and says not for you mam!!! Yeah hilarious!!!

As an expat you learn to appreciate the smaller things in life-like Amazon!!! I love my amazon deliveries and my boxes of Cheerios that my mammy sends out to us. It’s exciting when your window shopping online and you see that the site delivers to where you live. Even more exciting now we’ve moved away from Dubai cos now it means we actually get our packages. Here there isn’t a worry that an under paid Sri Lankan construction worker using my over sized bras as a hat in 50 degree heat!!! Fair play to him tho, they could house small families really!!

But it has got me thinking about some of the random things I have received in the post so far in my expat life

  • A cafetière
  • Calpol sachets
  • Peanut butter M&M’s
  • Cereal
  • Irish & English Lions rugby tour DVD
  • Dinosaur money-box for LPV
  • Ice cube trays

4 thoughts on “I love a good package

  1. @Babberblog says:

    I could not be without the cereal available in the UK. Two weeks of awful breakfasts in the US made that abundantly clear!

    My expat uncle had to have Marmite and English tea sent to him for years, but a few years ago someone opened an English Shop near his apartment in New York. So he can get it himself, but has to pay about three times as much!

  2. Jessabella says:

    It happened to me too! Many times! Door bell rang, signed and received for a package that is for the neighbour.. The curiosity in me wants to know what’s in the package and I go .. “urgh! It’s not mine! Why me?” lol!

  3. butwhymummywhy says:

    Man, as an ex-ex-pat (?) I totally relate to this! Used to love getting uk goodies sent over. Usually magazines, marmite and hobnobs! Xx

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