Forget the Spaghetti western

Opening scene

There’s a mammy a daddy & a toddler, it’s dinner time, there are vegetables!!!!!!!!! Cue the music *waoh woah woah, woa woa woa aka John Wayne* Cut to scene toddler eyeballs Mammy, mammy eye balls toddler……toddler eyeballs daddy, daddy eyeballs toddler. Mammy draws first…a spoon full of potato gratin and veggies. Toddler draws weapon of choice “a fork” and throws it!! Daddy draws “a big fat timeout”, chaos erupts in this small livingroom town!!!

I sure by now you can guess how this post will go, meal times are becoming a weeshy bit of a battle of  late. Not because he’s becoming a fussy eater *she says kidding herself* but because he wants Ice cream!!! Yes darling LPV has become a wee partial to a mini magnum after his dinner. Which I have absolutely no problem with provided he eats some dinner. He eats a couple of tiny spoons then screams for Ice cream.

I have this book called Toddler Tamming , the author Dr Christopher Green explains that we shouldn’t force them to eat for example “we wouldn’t appreciate it if we were told in our favourite restaurant that we couldn’t leave unless we ate everything”

I get that, I do but when a toddler is screaming NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO & refusing to eat but when asked if he wants ice cream will happily sit there and nod enthusiastically yeah mammy I have to be honest it annoys the shit out of me.

LPV is definitely in touch with his inner vegetable and can see a spoonful coming with his vegetable minds eyes!! Before you even get to him he’s Karate chopped it out of your hands in a Bruce Lee fashion!! However after the whole time out paddy saga we made a little progress. He decided he was going to eat his chicken, so that was eaten, I had a spoon full of veggies “last one and Mammy will get you ice cream”  NO “last one and then Yes!!!! *mammy punches the air* LPV copies this and happily takes the last spoonful. All I am going to say is that LPV will never make a good spy as he definitely can be bought by an air punch and a mini magnum!!

I feel that tonight he actually understood what I was trying to do, or at least I hope he did, sometimes we under-estimate these sneaky little innocent geniuses!!

Do you have mealtime Drama????

Don’t be fooled but my cuteness, get me the Magnum and everyone sleeps tonight!!!!

One thought on “Forget the Spaghetti western

  1. thepickledprincess says:

    Omg i so know what your going through, G will have a few mouthfus then start pushing food around her plate but even though there is definatley NO room in her tummy for “real” food, there is room for pudding!!! I must admit this really does stress me out! I do try and stay srong though and have even started giving her smaller portions to see if this helps (it has a bit)! Good luck hun im there with you in spirit at every meal time 😉 xx

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