Train spotting

A train in the face is worth two in a bush??? Actually its birds isn’t it but that’s what I had yesterday,  A train hit in the face. Silly me asked LPV to brush his teeth, now I know he’s not well at the moment and has poorly teeth but seriously it was vicious.  I know it’s frustration etc but really when do we stop giving them that benefit of the doubt ?? I can safely say he had NO benefit of the doubt, I’m not proud of how I reacted but I grabbed the train and threw across the landing & shouted DO NOT HIT ME WITH A TRAIN, I think I had a bit of an out-of-body experience It’s not one of the sentences I imagined I say in my life, along with  OK who put Sophie down the toilet!!!!!

If I hadn’t been hit enough along came a slap in the face, accompanied by “teeth mammy” This was when it happened I turned into the child, I stood up ignored him and brushed my teeth. What is it that makes you regress down to their level I’m supposed to be the adult here, setting examples blah blah blah. I’d calmed down got down to his level and told him he’d hurt me “hiya mammy”, all was forgiven and teeth were brushed.  How else could I have handled it tho, I know throwing the train was not my best behaviour strategy but C’mon how many of us can say that our parenting is perfect every hour of everyday.

I know I’ll be judged on this post, people can’t help themselves, maybe my family will judge, maybe my friends will. Maybe people can relate, maybe you’ve had a train in the face and wish to start a support group. Who knows but I just want to say, I’m doing the best I can LPV didn’t come with a manual and sometimes he malfunctions but that’s what makes him, him and that’s why I would die for him.xxxxx


5 thoughts on “Train spotting

  1. Mum obrien says:

    Your doing a grand job and I would of reacted just the same . Liam has got to know he can’t do this . As you have said its only frustration and him not being well , but he still hasto be taught right from wrong . So be strong and carry on its not easy love you xxx

  2. knittymummy says:

    Sentence I never thought I’d say; “will you please stop licking Prince Phillip” -my son had part of the happyland royal wedding set in his mouth.

  3. mumofthreeboys says:

    Gosh hunny, I have days like this every day. I have three boys and sometimes they can test my patience to the limits. My eldest two are into fighting at the moment and i find myself shouting “Get your foot out of his mouth” and “Remove that stick from your brothers bottom now” (Dont ask) I once sat down in the aisle on a supermarket because i had enough of them and told them i wasnt going to move until they behaved. Your doing a grand job and i for one certainy have not judged you X

  4. thepickledprincess says:

    I think most mums can lose it like that i know i certainly do!! We are only human, none of us are perfect especially when pushed (and cant children push)!! I think your a pretty fab mum xx

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