Old Expat tales

Being an expat you have to take the rough with the smooth, I think If you were to ask either expat daddy or myself this week what we think about life in Holland, you wouldn’t get a positive response from either of us. I think that’s normal tho as we’ve been home with our family so you always feel unsettled. The fact of the matter is that neither one of us is ready to go “home” yet, Ireland is in tatters so that would be a disastrous move of epic proportions, England?? Well I don’t want to live a country that refuses to let my son see a Dr because were not asylum seekers just expat’s  with a British passport.

I like it here in Holland, granted the weather is pants but if it’s cold you can layer up, if it’s wet you can put on your wellies and splash around, I say this because while we sat in Brussels airport I was feeling quite nostalgic about Dubai. It seemed to have slipped my mind that it’s now in the 40’s and unbearable outside, that we had No disposable cash to even be sitting at airports waiting to go and visit family that were just an hour away. “But you always remember the good stuff” expat daddy’s say, we’re still trying to settle in Holland so we are going to forget that EPD was stressed beyond belief and would  be up working until 2am most nights, on conference calls in the middle of desert while we’re supposed to be having fun camping with friends. It slipped my mind that here EPD is home for dinner every night, we go to bed at the same time unless the apprentice or match of the day is on, we can afford to send LPV to daycare for a day and that our social life is better especially when Grandma is so close she comes to babysit.

This has all stemmed from reading this article it’s an old one but I had never seen it before, it’s sad to hear stories about badly treated maids and construction workers, once in a while all these articles or Dubai old wives tales surface. You know the one where somebody know some one who got arrested for picking his nose, whatever!! There is government bureaucracy in every country you go to, take wednesday morning for example, I pull LPV out of daycare and miss my gym session to go and sit in a seat while some guys who didn’t speak to me once sticks a sticker in my passport.

The thing that saddens me the most was the arrogance of the holiday makers and expats, I’ve said it before and I will say it again SOME Dubai  expats are just poor excuses for human beings. However he did only pick a handful of people and probably went out on brunch day so all expat are p**sed and arrogant anyway. He didn’t go to the mam’s and Tots groups full of down to earth women just trying to support each other, he didn’t go to the school where I used to Mercatto  and meet two of the loveliest ladies eating tiramisu who supported me through the last few weeks of my pregnancy. Or the school where my two friends work, these are the lovely expats who don’t read about because they’re too busy just getting on with normal life. There are obviously expats here but expat life is different here, there isn’t separate groups like them and us, they’re schooled with the dutch, they’re married to the dutch, Its strangely nice but can be more lonesome.

The fact of the matter is that I’m not sorry I left, I miss my mammy mafia so much my heart aches sometimes, but I don’ t want  LPV to grow up having friends leave all the time, grow up to have never caught the bus or gone on a train or picked up his own laundry from the floor. I don’t want him to have fake friends that can’t even find 5 minutes to say goodbye when you leave *am I still bitter,Oh  I think so!!!*

So in a roundabout sort of way I know we made the right move, it’s just taking longer to realise it, LPV will always have his mafia buds as will I but we’re making room for new ones and well, they’re pretty awesome too!


3 thoughts on “Old Expat tales

  1. Asturian Diary says:

    It’s tough being an expat sometimes but it does get easier the longer you’re in one place and once friendships have the chance to grow and deepen – as you already know. It’s hard to remember that sometimes on the tough days. Sounds like you’re making a great life for yourselves in Holland and I’m well impressed with your new exercise plan. I find that exercise, while it may not always be fun in the moment, always leaves me feeling more cheerful afterwards!

  2. inmemoryoflachlan says:

    I totally understand where you are coming from. It took a long time for me to get over what we went through in the UAE and for so long I missed it so much, especially as the choice to leave was not ours, but then I had time to think about the fact that even though hubby works away now, I still see him more now than I did in Dubai due to his long hours and exhaustion! We have a much better quality of life and far more money too! I can now see through the haze and realise just how bad things really were and how much we put up with and blinded ourselves to over there. I miss my friends but I am glad I never have to go back there again. I am so glad I can raise KJ here and send him to an awesome school at a far more affordable price (even the most exclusive school in Aus is far cheaper than a year at a mediocre school in Dubai!) I still get cranky at certain things here in Aus, but I am so grateful to be home with my family. I miss you though hunny xxoo

  3. henryalexanderstravels says:

    Yes it is an unbearable 40 degrees here in Dubai and only going to get worse! So enjoy the cold and the rain. But there are definitely great things about living here, especially my own group of fabulous Mummy friends! Sensationalist articles like that one do not tell the whole story of life in Dubai.

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