Too Politically correct

So we’ve kind of moved on from Little Einsteins *gets down on knees and thanks the lord* to non other than Thomas The Tank engine. However he’s not called Thomas the Tank engine anymore, its Thomas the train or it Thomas and his friends *said in sarcastic tone*

Why couldn’t he stay “tank Engine” what in the hell was wrong with that name?? He was a legend, a constitution, around from  my very late childhood seen my nephew and niece through their pre school days and no harm was cause to us from him being called Tank Engine.

He’s gone world-wide now  and fair play to him, we’re proud of you Thomas but the writers have gone over board completely with the politically correctness!! The Island of Sodor No longer celebrates Christmas with a lovely tree, they celebrate the “Winter holiday season” what a load of Farking crap!!! No one with common sense who lives anywhere is the world is offended by the word Christmas just like No one with common sense who lives in the real world is offended but the words Diwali or Eid, those of us that live in the real world embrace the fact there are now more excuses to celebrate and get presents. It’s just a small group of individual that are narrow-minded and then the small group of individuals who could be bothered to get proper jobs so they say they fight for equality and human rights and all they do is sleep in tents outside St Paul’s.

The Fat Controller or the F**king troller as my nephew used to call him is still fat but to even things out, there is now a Thin Controller, ridiculous!!!! The fat controller is fat of his own doing and having a thin controller is probably making him feel worse about himself, I bet you a 100Euro that when they have they have their coffee break together, he gives it “oh I’m happy with the way I am” then secretly counts how many weight watchers points he just ate!!

The new female Engines are a farking disaster they’re bitchy and Expatdaddy reckons they crash in every episode, whats the point!And why haven’t they made a disabled engine if they’re going to be politically correct.  Ok I admit the songs about working together and being nice to each other are good, but we teach our children that everyday why can’t we just see the programme for what it really is, trains chuffing around on tracks, end of!! Why does there have to be a hidden agenda a hidden meaning. Why can’t we just leave things alone! It seems sometimes we are so worried and upset about pleasing everyone that we lose sight of whats important, as children don’t care about colour, sex, culture they play together, laugh together and that’s life to them regardless, they could teach us a thing or two!!!

3 thoughts on “Too Politically correct

  1. knittymummy says:

    The thin controller isn’t new, I remember him from when I was a kid. But I agree the new versions are rubbish, I’m going to track down a version with Ringo star narrating it and never let my kids know its on the other channel (they only watch CBeebies) so they will never see the inferior product

  2. @Babberblog says:

    Nice ranting 🙂

    Does anyone else remember the Fat Controller sometimes being called Sir Topham Hat? I never had any clue what that meant, and most of my friends don’t even remember it.

  3. thepickledprincess says:

    Hear Hear! Political correctness has gone bloody crazy! Has done for years! Its like noddy and big ears or the mr men programmes!! Its not what it used to be! Sad times xx

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