I think we all think we do a fairly good job of staying healthy, or I least i thought I did. I have always gone to the gym when I could be arsed  and I have been on a diet for as longer as I can remember. However I don’t feel healthy buy any means, right now I feel like a heart attack waiting to happen and since moving here I’ve developed quite an unhealthy addition to caffeine *shakes as she types*.

How selfish of me for letting myself get in this state, what would happen to LPV if something happened to me?? He’d have his father but he needs his Mammy, I also should be setting him a good example. I’d like to think I was a get up and go outdoorsy type but I’m seriously not, I’m lazy and I really want to change.

So…………on the advice of fellow blogger I have downloaded an app for my phone called Couch to 5k so tonight I am going to start running. It’s no secret I have absolute ginormous bangers and because of these i always hated running but I’m going to give it a whirl.

Wish me luck!!! If I die, I love you all!!!


2 thoughts on “Health

  1. thesingingmummy says:

    Good luck, I have just joined the gym and signed up to do a 5k run…………I think I might die in the process of attempting to get fit, I didn’t realise how unfit I actually was, surely running around after the kids all day counts for something? Clearly not! LOL! Look forward to hearing how you get on! x

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