Blog it for babies week

Do you believe in Angels????? I do, sometimes they come in human form too, Mammasaurus is an Angel, this week she’s traveling the length of the UK to raise money & awareness for the Save the Children’s build it for babies campaign. I used to work in NICU, this very NICU to be precise, I’m feeling immense joy and really proud to say I was part of the team once.

Did you know

  • Nearly 8% (1 in 13) of live births are born preterm
  • 89% of singleton babies born extremely preterm are of very low birthweight, whereas fewer than 1% of those born at term are
  • 93% of preterm births occur after 28 weeks of gestation, but 6% occur between 22 and 27 weeks, and just under 1% occur before 22 weeks.
  • Preterm birth occurs in 5–10% of all birth in resource-rich countries. In recent years the incidence seems to have increased in some countries, particularly the USA, where it was nearly 13% in 2005.
  • Approximately half of twin pregnancies are preterm[vii] [viii].

Stats via Tommy’s

Thank goodness we have units like Southmead the care and dedication of the staff is second to none however some babies born into the world both term and preterm are not so lucky, that’s when Blog it for babies kicks in. Did you know a resuscitation kit only cost 29 quid, just imagine how many we could buy if everyone who read this post donated £1 via text.

My wee man was premature, only 5 weeks but it was still a worry, my waters broke in the swimming pool so I had the added worry about infection. I called Expatdaddy who brought me to the hospital and didn’t get lost this time, we lived in Dubai so everything was glamorous. We drove in our 4×4, valet parked and I was admitted to a private room, I had the best equipment and I didn’t have one single worry that the didn’t have enough for me. LPV spent a couple of days on special care to stabilize his sugars.

Why can’t every mother have the experience of a clean safe place to give birth

Why should we just restrict it to the UK C’mon Dutchies I’m donating, you should too!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Blog it for babies week

  1. Love All Blogs / Mammasaurus says:

    I don’t know about being an angel but I do know that as you wrote so well, we are so lucky to have the facilities and medical healthcare that we do0 I shudder to think how one of my births in particular could have been had there had not be any medical help to hand 😦

    Thank you so much for your support x

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