Underwire bra’s and Airport security

It’s really no secret how I feel about airport security, I’ve blogged, tweeted and Facebooked  about it many a time. So in fairness I really don’t know why I get myself in a state about the whole ordeal.

This weekend we flew to Cork via Brussels airport, I really don’t care what anybody says airports and so NOT child or family friendly, with No play areas and great big farking bollards in the way when going through passport control etc. This time I was prepared tho I had previously gone to the Loo before had and taken off my belt, scarf etc. To be honest I don’t why I just don’t strip down to my underwear and go through. However you could bet your bottom dollar that my farking underwire would set the alarms off and they’d make me take it out. Half the time it’s poking out anyway like I’m FBI agent wearing a wire *we’ve been caught, abort mission, abort mission*.

I’m aware that all these checks have to be done but seriously would not have the same set of rules across the board, some place won’t let you take water at all, some only if the child is under two, some make you take off your shoes, belt etc, others don’t. Heathrow are beginning to get it right with a family que whilst going through security but unfortunately the scanner won’t let your take through your Harry Potter wand *true story*!!! Why are airports so badly managed?? Cos they are managed by men, this not a feminist I hate men rant but men just don’t think. If it were run but women it would be a different story, it would be a farking nightmare once a month but a different story!!

A girl can dream…………………………………………………


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