Time out

I need some desperately, as I said yesterday daddy left for Luxembourg, the weather was quite shitty yesterday, there was a break in the showers and we got a walk but that was about the extend of it. And then they came!!! The bright burning red teething checks, so big and so puffy they actually made his eyes look swollen. I can give some calpol and teething powder did the Stuart checks and then wasted a unbelieavble amount of time on Pinterest.

At around 3:30am LPV was moaning a bit I went him touched him and quite frankly almost burnt my hand, he had a raging temp, out came the Calpol again and into my bed he came. Surprisingly he was quite chipper and repeatedly shouted bix bix bix bix!!! At around 4 O’clock I gave up being missus nice mummy “No darling sleepy time now” turned into “LPV GO TO SLEEP” He won and at 4:20 I was making farking weetabix. As you can imagine that was it and I think we eventually got back to sleep at 6am waking again at 8am wanting more farking BIX!!!! We missed playgroup as a result of zombie-ish state so it’s another long boring day in.

I know that expatdaddy would give his right arm some days to spend the day at home with us but right now I envy him, he’s surrounded by adult conversation all day, he gets to go away over night and play the role of himself, this weekend he’ll be playing the role of drunken eejit and im jealous. I’ll have a fabulous weekend with my in laws *not that’s not sarcasm, I genuinely love them* but I’m still Mammy all weekend, the feeding the bathing, the playing, the sleeping. I miss myself, I feel sad all the time and that I feel like a crappy Mammy because I’m sad.

So if there are any airlines that wish to donate a first class ticket to Kansas, I will gladly write about how fabulous you are!! I miss my Dubai Bestie!!

5 thoughts on “Time out

  1. Jenny Paulin says:

    Oh no how Awful for you all :(. Hope today is proving to be a better day. I feel like a crappy mummy most days , check me out now here I am writing this while one child sleeps and the other is watching a DVD! I should be playing! But I feel so tired today!
    Anyway I send you a BIg (hug) and hope things look better for you after some much needed sleep xx

  2. bluebirdsunshine says:

    Oh no, today is another day and hopefully has brought with it a little bt of brighter weather so at least you can get out for a little walk or something. Sounds like you’re having a rough patch at the moment. Big hugs xxx

  3. thepickledprincess says:

    It must be hard to be left alone, especially in a new place! i know its bussiness but even still!! iv got a friend whos husband travels a lot for work and it gets her down too!! Your definetly not a bad mummy for feeling sad hun, You are allowed to feel like this in this situation! Big hugs xxx

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