Daddy left

Expat daddy left this morning for a short business trip to Luxembourg . It’s our first time in the new house on our own. I have to say I’m a wee bit nervous, I don’t particularly feel “unsafe” here in the Netherlands but I certainly don’t feel as safe as I did in Dubai.

What I am I scared of the most……………….Stuart Farking Little, I bet you he picks tonight of all nights to come back, there are traps still laid so he shouldn’t get too far but *shudders* hate the little blighter’s!!

Unfortunately the rain has spoilt our plans today, so it’s indoor activities only, Mammy LPV will paint some lovely pictures & make fabulous things from play dough. It’s just always a long day when your on your own all day and all night especially between the hours of 4:30 til 7:30, your know the time when dear sweet children turn into head spinning, screaming mischievous sprites, that want food but won’t let you cook it, want to have a bath but won’t let you undress them. A friend put her child in the bath fully clothed one day because of this, hilarious!! …………..No outraged people with No children, your right it’s not hilarious but please do come and show us how you would do it!!

Still it’s a short week, as this Friday we’re heading to Cork to see the familia. Daddy is going to on  stag weekend in Kinsale so LPV and I are going to be suitably spoilt but Granny & Granddad, while Daddy gets wasted bonds with his friends and takes in the fresh air of Kinsale.

Tonight I shall be checking all toys are switched off so I  don’t get any frights, shutting my self in the living room with tea & chocolate biscuits, if anyone wants to join me you’re welcome, axe murderers need not apply!!!!!


8 thoughts on “Daddy left

  1. inmemoryoflachlan says:

    You’ll be right hunny, I do it for 10 days straight every fortnight, DH works 10 days on 4 days off in North QLD. I got used to it. I double lock my doors and snuggle up to my vicious guard dog Sammy, LOL!

  2. Cheetahs In My Shoes says:

    I’ve put the Cheetah Keeper in the bath with some clothes still on – although to be honest he’s done it by himself before now as well! He’s also been to pre-school in his pants and the “are you going to school in your pyjamas?” conversation is pretty much weekly. Hope your day whizzes by and the hobnobs are worth the expenditure… x

  3. amumsim says:

    Ooh I remember being left on my own a few months ago – I got the fear! It’s a little bit irrational, but only a little bit, things could happen!!! Of course everything was fine!
    And mice, urck! Hate them, I kept the light and radio on in the kitchen the whole time to scare them away, that and the snap traps sorted them out. Best not to think about it.
    Wine and chocolate helped the time pass x

  4. whatshappeningatmyhouse says:

    Sounds like you’ve got similar weather to us in the UK – rain, rain and more rain! I actually quite look forward to hubby going away for work (although I remember it being hard work when my now 12yo was a baby/toddler, like you say). Having the remote to myself, the bed to myself, and pleasing myself what I eat for dinner (normally toast!) is a welcome change!!

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