Things that go Blah in the night

Cough, cough, cough…….Blah………..Mammy Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. This was my 2am wake up call this morning, he’d been sick twice yesterday morning but during the day he was fine, I put it down to phlegm or the fact he knew I was going to put him in the crèche at the gym. He ate tea like a trooper and went to bed with no problem, doing the usual conning me to read him at least 4 books.

Children’s vomit is definitely not as bad as adults and I worked in paediatrics for at least 8 years so night vomits are not exactly alien too me. Maybe I should rethink a new career or maybe it was the time of night but my stomach has become somewhat weak  since my departure from nursing.  Cleaning vomit from my son’s ear last night was making me wretch, whoever said breathe through your mouth is a bloody eejit you can taste the stuff.

Even so I didn’t want LPV to see me wretching as he was distressed enough and got even more upset that I wouldn’t let him have a vomit covered snuggly to comfort him. Snuggly is a pyjama top of mine I gave to him about 18months when we had tried everything to get him to sleep, now it comes everywhere.

To be honest we’ve been quite lucky on the old puke front so to speak, there has only been one other occasion where we had a projectile incident this resulted in an overnight stay in City Hotel Hospital Dubai, its hard to get to the bottom of it tho. Did I poison him with my sausage casserole?? Is it something he’s picked up from nursery??

All I know is that he looked so vulnerable last night and I broke my heart to see him, in pain, distress, we brought him into our bed and its safe to say he was longer vulnerable, it was me and poor expatdaddy who were taking it in turns to be kicked in the head, sat on and used as a trampoline.  My last thought before I went to sleep…………….I think he’s fine now!!

Even though I have just blogged about vomit, why don’t take pity on us and vote for us in the MADS we are in the travel category

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3 thoughts on “Things that go Blah in the night

  1. Catherine Burden says:

    I remember one morning when we went to get our daughter out of bed for school, only to find that she had vomited all over the wall beside her bed. It didn’t wake her up, which amazed us considering the amount all over the wall and she was perfectly fine. I can’t remember how old she was at the time, but she is now 22 and clearly remembers the incident.

  2. mumofthreeboys says:

    Poor little LPV hope he’s feeling better soon, being sick is horrible especially when it’s your child who you have to look after. When our little one isn’t well we always take them into our bed, it’s just easier to grab them when they are about to vomit and throw them to the side of the bed in order for the sick to be on the floor rather than in the bed lol. Hope tonight is better for you all x

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