Motivation, last seen a couple of weeks ago on a night out with inspiration!!

Any siting  please contact us here at the blog!

Yep it’s going to be one of those completely useless posts about nothing in particular, just a big bunch of waffling pants. I’ve lost my motivation, not just for the blog just in life in general I think. Emotions are high this week, source of it is unknown but most of the time I just want to cry. Am I still suffering with the PND? or aftermath of PND? or is it just my lifestyle? Does the expat lifestyle suit someone like me, it’s tough if it doesn’t  but if it is the reason there has to be something I can do to help myself.

I have to admit the last 4 months have been unbelievably mad and now I tired to the point of no return, lately no amount of sleep is enough. Yesterday I cried over a bike, well not over the bike per say just the bike saga triggered a huge mood slump that I haven’t been able to get up from. However tomorrow is a new day……………………..

9 thoughts on “Missing

  1. Bluebirdsunshine says:

    I like waffly pants 😉 Tomorrow will be much brighter, you just need either more tea, coffee or cake, or all three xxx

  2. mother.wife.me says:

    I reckon your Motivation and Inspiration went out with my Dignity and Sanity.

    Sorry to hear you aren’t feeling great. I have been fighting a slide in emotions the last few weeks too. Not had tears for seemingly no reason in a long, long time.

    I hope you find your way back up soon. Can you give yourself a break? Don’t even think about blogging for a few days – so you don’t fret about it. Just focus on your bub and the basic day to day stuff. I did that for a couple of hours (yes, look at me only taking a bit of my prescribed medicine) earlier today and it was a lovely relief.

  3. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    I’ve been fighting of feeling very similar to this for the past few day’s now, not easy is it. Hopefully both our motivations will be found safe and well together and eating cake 🙂 Hope you’ll be feeling brighter soon, take care (just really enjoyed catching up on some of your posts at last) xxx

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