Living away from family and friends we don’t have the luxury of on tap babysitters. LPV spent everyday with some of my Mammy friends in Dubai so there was never any question of him not being happy when I left him, however when I went out I went out with them so we had a fabulous babysitter called Mylene, If I could have packed her in our shipment I would have. She was great with LPV & Maggie as nine times out of ten she was there too, I loved her as she did my cleaning too.

Here its normal practice for your neighbours teenage kids to babysit etc, which I’m perfectly ok with if they’re sensible and at a decent age themselves. However I don’t know the all the neighbours children yet and I can’t bring myself to knock on No. 10 and say “Hello potential pervert complete stranger, I’ve just moved in don’t speak your language but would you look after the most precious thing in my life while I go and get pissed”. I just can’t do it, I’d rather go with a recommendation by some of the lovely ladies in the expat group. A few of them have given me numbers as has the neighbour so I am interogating interviewing a babysitter, my neighbour has used her and says she’s very good but as she doesn’t speak dutch she’s not suitable for her wee one. English-speaking babysitter has ticked one box already, I’ve never interviewed anyone before and I’m practicing my approaches in the mirror……………

Lovely happy friendly expat lady= So babysitter tell me about yourself……..blah blah, would you like some tea???

Scary, MI5 expat= Shine light in her face and hangs her upside down demanding to know her life story???

I’m not sure which will be the most effective, this is huge for me the thought just terrifies me to my wit’s end, I just don’t think I could ever interview a full-time nanny, I’d have to double the maximum dose of crazy pills to keep me calm.

So your the new babysitter??? You better be good at doing a Gruffalo voice lady!!!!




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9 thoughts on “Babysitters

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    That photo is adorable – personally I favour the ‘be super lovely to potential babysitters’ whilst feeding them tea and cake and they soon become relaxed and let their guard down 😉 heh heh heh

  2. MsXpat says:

    Just think of the things you do wth LPV , what he enjoys doing in the day and use that as your guide of what to ask. Good luck. I have the same problem but we can’t afford a sitter, so I’m stuck with little respite :0( Cease the chance to get yourself some time to yourself :0)

  3. chezmummy says:

    Hope the potential babysitter comes up trumps. I’d suggest seeing what LPV makes of her, he’ll be able to tell you if she’s likely to be okay. Good luck!

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