So we’ve moved on from “In the night garden” and now we are into the Gruffalo.. I don’t mind its such a lovely story and the short film is great, when your not watching it 4 times a day that is!

Wa wo wo is what we get first things in the morning, he just can’t get enough and I know it’s terrible parenting but Im completely using it to my advantage *evil laugh*. You see although he loves it, LPV still poops himself every time the Gruffalo first comes on. So when he was running around a restaurant the other night and wanted to go into the kitchen, we didn’t tell him NO, we told him the Gruffalo was in there. I know I know we’re rotten parents but I just couldn’t handle a a tap dancing paddy. * Gets pelted with stones* It also works when it come to teeth brushing, eating vegetables etc. This is the way we brush our Gruffalo teeth is a great song if I do say so myself.
I know shortly we’ll be moving on and I’ll be farked but as long as its not that bloody pig I don’t care!!!
This is a Peppa free zone!!

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