Hello, I’m back *blows dust off keyboard* So how of you all been. Sorry for the lack of posts but I just haven’t been in the mood for blogging since my last post Crushed.  Things are slowly getting back on track, we’ve had visitors over the easter , they went yesterday and more arrive tomorrow!!

I have in a sense been a social little butterfly, spanish wine tasting last week and last night a Thai Cookery workshop, which was a blast however all I made was egg rolls which didn’t take too long thus ending up drinking too much wine. Great night out both of them but both ended with me cycling home nissed as a pwet!! Not recommend, the fresh air makes you more pissed!!

After 3 dutch lessons I’m still none the wiser when it comes to shopping in the supermarket, I must admit I really don’t like this going to the supermarket everyday business, I end up spending a minimum of 20euro each time and I only went in for milk!! I do like foreign supermarkets tho, today whilst trying to find some healthy deserts (do those words even go together??) for LPV I came across some chocolate puddings called PLOP!!! How ironic!! Cream is called Slagroom here which makes me laugh like a child every time I purchase some and want someone to join in a “you slag” mantra Gavin & Stacey style!! . LPV is well into meatballs so I thought I buy him some meatball soup the other day. Well when expat daddy opened up the tin it was just farking meatballs, No soup and apparently they were foul!! I guess we’re still learning…………but in the meantime its a healthy diet of PLOP & SLAGROOM!!!

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