This post contains the word “Period” *gasps* reading won’t be harmful to your health, unless of course you are allergic to the word Period!!

This is not something I’ll do a monthly post on but sometimes you need to let the sadness out to feel better.
I We want another baby, we’re ready, I think LPV is at a good age. We’ve been trying a while now, with every negative test each month, the disappointment comes. We were relatively lucky when we started trying for LPV so now it’s taking time it’s upsetting. I have so much respect for those couples who aren’t as lucky as us to already have a wee beautiful man.

This month I thought it was it, the “Due” came….nothing. I dared to get excited and with each day there was nothing the more excited I got. I took a few tests, they were negative but the same thing happened with LPV. I think when you want something so bad you convince yourself it’s going to happen.
Today, after 9 days of being late it was confirmed its not happening this month. I have cramps and backache to prove it. How do it feel? Crushed beyond words!!


14 thoughts on “Crushed

  1. Nikki Thomas says:

    Its funny that you spend so many years trying not to get pregnant that you don’t realise how hard it actually is!! We had real problems having our first child together and it took two years. In that time I got to know my body really well and eventually it did happen! A friend of mine told me to watch out for ‘egg white day’. I thought she was crazy but when you are ovulating you have an egg white like discharge. It’s a bit gross but it worked for me! I’m sure it will happen x

  2. Average Jo says:

    So sad for you reading that. No words really, I just wanted to send you my love & say that I’m thinking of you. You’re a fantastic Mammy to your little boy. I hope things happen for you soon & that you’re looking after yourself, comfort food & lots of cuddles with your son (is what I’d do). Thinking of you, lots of love, Jo xxx

  3. lplatemummy says:

    Sending hugs your way, when you want it so much that negative test is crushing 😦 Sending Some baby dust your way x

  4. MsXpat says:

    Sorry to read this. When you want something so bad its hard to ‘relax’. but some times not thinking to much on it but enjoying the process, miracles happen. If possible take the ‘trying’ out of your thoughts and enjoy your special times with you husband, perhaps you both can take some vitamins if you are not already doing so. Pregnacare does on for conceiving, discuss it with your GP if you considering taking it or perhaps the chemist.

    And good luck. Take it one day at a time.

  5. expatlogue says:

    I remember feeling the same way when we were trying for our first. As one of your commenters said, we spend so much time trying NOT to get pregnant and you come out of your teens with the idea you only have to uncross your legs on a windy day and it could happen! It took us almost a year of trying before my “hostile environment” (as my “Friends”-watching husband liked to say) was impregnated…
    Don’t give up hope – these things happen in their own time.

  6. expatlogue says:

    I remember feeling like that wen we were trying for our first. As teenagers we’re given the impression we only have to uncross our legs on a windy day and we’ll get pregnant! No wonder we’re disappointed when it doesn’t happen instantly when we decide we’re ready. It took over nine months for us to successfully impregnate my “hostile environment”, the affectionate term my husband began using to refer to my womb…
    These things happen in their own time. Try not to get too hung up, trust it will happen when it’s supposed to. It’s all part of the frustrations of parenthood (and there we were thinking that referred to AFTER the little darlings had popped out!)

  7. mumofthreeboys says:

    Aaw honey I have only just seen this post, so sorry for late commenting.
    In time it will happen, my first happened by accident, my second we tried for 8 months and after every period came, I cried, I was just about to give up trying and said I was going back on the pill when low and behold that month I fell pregnant. I do believe more relaxed you are the more chance you will have falling pregnant. It will happen! Keeping my fingers crossed for you gor the next few months x x

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