The Stuart Saga

I’ve been quite open and excepting of most dutch traditions and cultures I think………..The No shopping on Sunday, the No shopping on Monday, The biking etc But there is one that I will NEVER accept or learn to live with peacefully and that is Mice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently your Not dutch untill you have them, No house is a house without a mouse…………………………..Well this one way of life they can shove up their bakfiets!!!

It would appear Stuart Little and his farking family  have taken up squatters rights in our basement!! I was peacefully happy in my house until I saw him, initially I did think it could have been a rather oversized piece of spinach blow under the fridge in the utility room NO  I hadn’t been drinking but sadly I was mistaken. We got some poison and put it down, problem sorted?? Not so fast………Sunday even whilst watching twilight I seen it out the corner of my eye, the cheeky fecker had decided the basement wasn’t good enough and came to get some Twilight action. No I no mice like to come out at “Twilight” but that was taking the p**s. I found the beginning of the week really emotional, I hated having them, I thought people would think my house or we were dirty people. That’s until I spoke to a few people

Me(emotionally distraught): We’ve got mice

Them: Oh god every house in Holland has them, don’t worry.

Me: We managed to get one out the house last night

Them: Ah when you’re doing really well then

I couldn’t be that calm, I had a pretty traumatic childhood when it came to rodents so We were going to mouse-con 5 and we were taking NO prisioners, we went to the hardware store brought some traps filled them with milky way magic stars and laid them. In the evening we shut the double doors into the living room got ourselves a glass of wine and watched TV.

SNAP! We both jumped up looked at each and then  in the direction of where the traps were, expatdaddy went to investigate and I stood on the dining table stayed put just incase. “There’s been a murder” shouts EPD in his best Jim Taggart voice!!

To be on the safe side now we are just planting traps everynight, my hoover and mop are in and out the cleaning cupboard more times a day than I care to mention. Today however we had a an easter playdate with 14 kiddiwinks aging from 3 months to 3 years running around so if that doesn’t scare them off nothing will

To be continued!!!!!!

Fark off Stuart or I'll slash yer tyres!!!!!

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5 thoughts on “The Stuart Saga

  1. Mammasaurus says:

    I love the Taggart ‘murder’ voice! I’ve never had mice where I live before – well none that I have noticed but I imagine its one of those things where you don’t mind them till they are nibbling your cereal!

  2. @babberblog says:

    Me and Mrs L stayed in a nice hotel in Amsterdam. We were woken one night by a rustling noise from near the bag I’d been carrying during the day. Mouse! Eating my Snickers (for some reason I was VERY hungry in Amsterdam…)

    So even the hotels aren’t safe! Eep!

  3. jbmumofone says:

    AAAAAAARGGHHHHH! More traps woman! I feel your pain.
    This is so going to get me black-balled from the pet-loving blogging world but I daily shoot a water-pistol at the cats on my garden fence. I resent having to clean up other peoples pests s**t.
    Uninvited animals are horrid.

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