“Bike gate”

As you well know both LPV & me are mobile on the bike, we are embracing the dutch culture and cycling our wee tooshies off. Well actually I’m doing all the hard work LPV sits on the back eating chocolate buttons. I have my little mantra’s to get me up the hills, ok they may only be slight hills but I thought Holland was supposed to be flat!!! Back to the mantra’s “Fat Bottoms girls” is always a good one although I do feel sorry for LPV having to look at my arse the whole time.

We were getting on just fine until yesterday, I had even picked the old hand signals and not the one’s you get arrested for in Dubai, stick your arm out for left/right etc. We were out on a nice ride when I clipped the curb and I lost control we’ were slowing down so at least I wasn’t going fast but unfortunately the bike fell to the floor taking my legs with it and my wee man. Thank god for his helmet and it took the brunt of the fall, we do have a graze and bruises this morning but it could have been a lot worse.

I simply can not believe that the Dutch don’t put helmets on their children, they say they don’t need them as they are experienced and if there is a collision with a vehicle it’s the car drivers fault. This I totally understand but It seriously takes two seconds to smash your head in a way you may not ride a bike again, why would they not want to protect their precious cargo.

It is each to their own and although I don’t understand why some parents don’t use helmets, it isn’t my place to comment on their child rearing. It was the same in Dubai with the local and NO car seats for children, a friend of mine once seen  what had to have been a newborn just led on the dashboard!! All I know  is that LPV will permenantly have his helmet on and short of making him a bubble wrap cycle suit, thats the best I can do. “Bubble wrap Cycle suit” *applys for Dragons den, becomes over night billionaire like reggae sauce man!!*

I suppose it’s all part of the expat way of life, just takes some getting used too, my test tomorrow on the bike is cycling home after a Spanish wine tasting, if I can handle that I can handle anything!!!!


12 thoughts on ““Bike gate”

  1. @Babberblog says:

    I won’t go into (boring) detail but there’s a whole debate around the effectiveness of bike helmets in the context of an accident involving cars. That’s not what they’re designed to protect against, unlike a motorbike helmet.

    Regardless, I almost always wear mine and will insist on my little person wearing one too.

    Something I saw the other day that I really didn’t understand: dad accompanying two kids on bikes. One boy one girl. Boy has a helmet on, girl doesn’t. *confused*

  2. knittymummy says:

    I make my daughter wear one on her scooter (the mini micro kind not the Vespa kind) and get lots of strange looks, but I’ve a friend who is a doctor in a hospital and sees all kinds of head injuries. I’ve heard enough stories of little prangs that lead to disaster not to risk it. Plus my daughter sees it as normal, so won’t see it as odd when peer pressure suggests she shouldn’t wear one later in life

  3. Jessabella says:

    I cannot agree enough.. it is indeed strange how the children don’t wear helmet while riding on busy road. In Singapore, some children were made to wear helmet even when cycling in a park! But I have to agree, the kids here are really professional when come to cycling, one hand or no hand, they manage! I still suck at it.. sometimes my legs still wobble! 😛

  4. Love All Blogs says:

    I saw a 6 month old sat on a driver lap yesterday – driving along a road with a 40 mph limit. It boggles my mind that things like that even go through some peoples heads!

  5. MsXpat says:

    Oh now that must have been a shock for you both. I hope when you get on again, he not scared. I’m all for kids getting a new knicks and scratches and I wouldn’t want to bubble wrap my son too much, BUT I totally agree with you on the head gear. When you are on the road even if you are being safe you can’t be sure that the next person is.

    Enjoy that wine, you certainly deserve it after that spill. Be safe on the way home. Happy Easter to you and yours :0)

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