I’m not jealous I just think yer a gobshite!!

On  my wedding day lots of people told me I was beautiful and bought me drinks *runs to News of the World to sell story, fark it, number not in use*

Yes you guessed it I have just read about the terrible plight of poor Samantha Brick It would appear the poor girl has just had an awful time of it in her life, been through famine, abuse, war…..Oh no wait thats people in the real world. Our poor Samantha is just too darn beautiful apparently, poor wee lamb!! Now as I am writing about I am clearly jealous of her, News flash toots, I am surrounded by and friends with women that are so much more beautiful it would knock your socks off!!

She tales her story of random men giving her flowers, I think that happens here in Holland too, I think the women live in houses with red lights outside but don’t quote me on that. Or maybe were you filming an impulse advert??

I do think it important to have some self-confidence after all if you don’t love yourself no-one else will as the saying goes?? However I think our poor deluded Samantha has read one to many self helps books. Step away from the book Samantha!!

I just simply can not get my head round the fact she felt the need to share this story with us, maybe she thought there was far too much sadness in the world and wanted to make us all laugh. It certainly worked Miss brick I salute you!!

The story starts with her receiving a bottle of bubbly from the captain on a flight she took, were you perhaps on your honeymoon?

I get priority boarding from Easy jet!! I think mainly it’s based on my screaming toddler but still if it good enough for our Sam it’s good enough for me

To finish this post I will be posting a picture of Samantha.. Now I know it’s going to make us all feel inferior to her outstanding beauty but just remember if we all lead a life that’s unbelieveabley dull free of drink, cigarettes and chocolate we will in time look like her too!!

Here's an idea Samantha why don't you do a follow-up story AFTER you've had children!!!

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8 thoughts on “I’m not jealous I just think yer a gobshite!!

  1. knittymummy says:

    Most beautiful woman in the world photographed by world’s worst photographer perhaps? Or just a deluded woman. She must be having a horrible day today because her mobile number is on her website. Maybe she has to think she is beautiful because she sure isn’t smart!

  2. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    Was it an April Fool’s ? someone said it was but it wasn’t published on April the 1st was it ? I don’t know because haven’t bought papers for a while.
    Either way surely she must have been aware of the stick she’d get, if she really does get free unwanted bottles of champagne however maybe I should text her my address so she can send them on lol

  3. imcountingufoz says:

    I just don’t get it. She’s average at best.

    Still, makes a change from all the column inches Courtney Stodden gets from the Daily Fail.

  4. imcountingufoz says:

    Average at best, sorry to say, Samantha.

    Still, makes a change from all the column inches Courtney Stodden gets from the Daily Fail.

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