Tiny challenges

That’s what I set myself now, my mood has been up and down more than a naughty girls knickers lately, we had a lot of travel, LPV has started daycare and hasn’t been sleeping well at all. However so my mood doesn’t feel alone  on this issue my weight has decided to keep it company on it’s up & down phase. I eat, I like food ALOT a random thought came into my head as I was making my breakfast this morning “shit what if I was a Vampire I would be able to have Cheerios” I have clearly been watching way too much Breaking dawn!! The one thing I am guilty of is comfort eating but I don’t comfort eat like the average woman I comfort eat regardless of what mood I’m in.

One of my new years resolutions was to stop faddy diets, this IS the one resolution I have kept, not because I am so committed and have impeccable willpower, it’s because when I tell myself I am on a diet I comfort eat to help me through this tough period of my day. Of course I tell myself its weigh day so obviously this doesn’t count and the diet starts tomorrow!!! Unfortunately sometimes the life of an expat can make you feel like your on your hols permanently so you tend to over indulge like one does on ones holidays Ted!!

So today I decided I was going to start challenging myself, just small ones, one’s that can be achieved….Here are todays

  • I was going to run 30 secs more on the treadmill, I’m up to 3mins 30secs, don’t laugh this is huge for me as I don’t do running. I clearly run like a demented giraffe carrying to very large watermelons!!
  • I was not going to tell myself “I’m not eating any chocolate” so instead I told myself I was going to eat more fruit or veg than chocolate today!! I’m yet to have some chocolate
  • I was going to drink more water than diet coke!! I live off of caffeine laced beverages!!

We went out on an hour long bike ride to get LPV used to his seat, we won’t talk about me falling off with my legs in the air and a woman coming out from her house to see if I was ok………No we won’t talk about that at all.

We’ve been shortlisted in the Britmum’s Brilliance in Blogging awards, so if you like reading our blog, why don’t you vote for us to win our category GO, we would be eternally grateful


5 thoughts on “Tiny challenges

  1. mumofthreeboys says:

    My family and I love our food especially cake, of which all of it seems to gather on my backside but I don’t comfort eat, that’s something that the Other Half does. He is terrible for it he can eat a whole cake without stopping for breath lol but he does then go out for an hours run to work it all of. Me on the otherhand, will never run not since the day I ran for a bus and fell at the steps and twisted my wrist and cut my arm.
    I do agree with you though if I tell myself ‘no chocolate today’ the first thing I do is go and but some. X x

  2. knittymummy says:

    I like the idea of not denying yourself something, but making sure you eat more of the good stuff. Much easier not to fall off the wagon

  3. Little Miss says:

    Wow that is my new favourite saying! ‘Up and down more times than a naughty girls knickers’ I love that.

    I’m too on the cutting down on diet coke and more water. I’m now on one diet coke a day rations… perhaps two if I’ve been extra good 😉

    Good luck with this! 🙂

  4. mother.wife.me says:

    eeeeuw, sorry to hear about the biking mishap.

    Chocolate – I a a chocoholic and I recently decided similar to you – no point trying to hold back the inevitable, just ensure the rest of my diet is as wholesome and full of fresh fruit n veg as possible!

    Daycare + sleeping issues – been there recently, took a good two months for the Tinkerous Toddler to get back to her normal solid night’s sleep after she started nursery. Not. Fun.

    BiB – done and dusted m’lady

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