10 things I tell myself everyday

I was tagged yesterday in a lovely meme by the equally lovely & beautiful Mum of three boys, it take a lot of thought this one, hence the delay in the post so here are the 10 things I tell myself everyday

When I hear other Mothers telling what they give their children to eat or snack on and it’s still baby organic friendly crisps or snacks etc, I tell myself that the odd packet of Wotsits or kinder egg for LPV is not going to kill him, he eats a really balanced diet with lots of fruit & veg

When I see the Maxi dress mafia, pushing along there perfectly clean buggaboo strollers, looking like they just stepped out of the salon, I tell myself, that it’s probably exhausting to look that good all the time, so in that sense I’ve lots of energy from looking dreadful!!

That it’s ok for LPV to go to daycare, he’ll have blast without me and think of all the lovely art work we’ll get for the fridge!!

Yes even if the neighbour got to see the “real” me she would still want to spend time with me

Yes I am doing a good job and yes life would be easier if I remembered to take my medication!!!

That’s it’s going to take time to settle and that we’ve all done brilliantly for the short time we’ve been here

That even though, that top or those pants or jacket ARE adorable, LPV does NOT need anymore clothes

That my blog is a hobby I do for me, so I not writing a post everyday is OK

That a biscuit is ok but three Cadbury’s cream eggs are not

No life would not significantly change if I was 8 stone and I would probably just be cheek bone and tits!!!

So now I choose some peeps too I think

mummy’s cheeky monkey

Words with wine

Matter of choice


4 thoughts on “10 things I tell myself everyday

  1. fiveminutesoffrench says:

    Ha ha that really made me laugh! I love the term ‘maxi dress mafia’. That’s brilliant! And the last one I would definitely say too! Fab x

  2. Notmyyearoff says:

    3 eggs is impressive!! 🙂 I agree about toddler snacks. I used to obsess about ultra healthy stuff, now I try to relax about it and wotsits and skips are part of his life 🙂

  3. mumofthreeboys says:

    I too have lots of energy as I spend only 5 minutes in the morning getting myself dressed, love the term ‘maxi dress mafia’ so true lol. Great list Hun, thank you for completing x

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