Weddings & Children

This Saturday I had the enormous pleasure of watching one of my BFF’s get hitched, children we’re welcome at the wedding so we decided that we would bring LPV, he had a lovely wee suit in his wardrobe just waiting to be destroyed to be worn so it seemed like the perfect occasion. Rezzer has always been über organised and her wedding was no exception, when we sat for our meal LPV had a lovely gift bag full of goodies, such as bubble *which he drank half of* two in the night garden book, crayons, a fire engine, stickers. It was fabulous, was more what made it even more fabulous was the thought that had gone into it, from reading the blog and watching video’s of LPV dancing to the theme tune of ITNG she had tailor made his bag just for him.

It was truly beautiful day, no one cared that  there were children there, of course my child was the only one shouting NO NO NO!! through the ceremony. However looking back now I not sure I would have taken him, we both had a fabulous day but chasing round after LPV wasn’t fun. He had a blast of course, there was plenty of people to wave at, however EPD & I had to eat our dinner in shifts, hardly spoke to each other all day as one of us was chasing around after the suited and booted child. I did consider leaving him at my parents but were a family now, the thought of it made me feel guilty. Living away from family and not having on tap babysitters, mean that when we do out somewhere LPV comes, so to leave him was alien to me. In July we are heading to Jordan for a wedding and only two seats have been booked. I have now until July to get used to the thought that only will I be leaving my child, I will be leaving my child and leaving the country. My chest is tightening already, he’ll be in fabulous hands with my parents but the anxiety is too much but Jordan in the summer is no place for him.

I guess I have some separation anxieties of my own!!!

I don’t like to put too many photo’s of LPV on here but he’s just to handsome not to share

Catalogue pose!!

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6 thoughts on “Weddings & Children

  1. motherscuffer says:

    He looks gorgeous. I agree, sometimes it is like you’d have a more relaxed time at a wedding without children, however, going as a family is the nicest thing of all.

  2. mummyglitzer says:

    How old is LPV? We were meant to go to London at the weekend, just one night and my sister was going to have H. Whilst funds played a part in us not going, so did my anxieties of leaving him! My sister even offered to have him overnight when we decided not to go, she lives a mere 15 minute drive away and we still wouldn’t let him go!

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