Yeah not the Irish kind, you cheeky lot, sometimes I feel it would be easier if we lived in a big giant suitcase. We are only 4 days back from our Finnish adventures, did I mention we were in Finland and tomorrow we are leaving for a weekend at home, well actually LPV will be attended his first wedding *as a guest,not groom* in Ross on Wye. Yep Gezzer is finally making an honest woman of Rezzer!! I’m really looking forward to watching my dear friend get wed but the though of travelling again is just too much, I’m tired just typing about it.

I seem like a right moaning bitch whinger about it sometimes and some people would love to be travelling as much as we do, wouldn’t enjoy life as much if we were not travelling. I loved Finland, it truly has the best of both worlds, heat in summer, the snow in the winter, where you can ski, expatdaddy would hate it, as he looks like an upside down spider when he’s on ski’s or ice skates, led down arms & legs flying, but me I would love it. Looking out the window now, I’m seeing how beautiful Holland is now spring is here, can’t wait to cycle on our bikes to the beach, the tulip fields, the pub. Were hoping to get to Centre Parc’s in Belgium for EPD’s birthday & there could potentially be a trip to Dubai on the cards in May. I have mention this before but I worry about what effect this is having on LPV, should be dragging him here, there and everywhere, given the opportunity would you??

On the bright side we are flying with KLM so it will be a pleasant enough flight and they have a buggy valet service so we won’t have to drag a 10KG toddler and hand luggage through the ridiculously long airports that seem to be all the rage.News flash people wanna big airport?????…………………Complimentary buggy’s!!!!! It’s not difficult!!!

Any way here’s my suitcase house

LPV drew it OK!!


One thought on “Travelers

  1. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    I’m sure your son will grow up with the most wonderful memories of countries he’s lived in and places he’s travelled to. I think he’s very lucky :-). We love center parcs btw, we always pay a bit extra and book an executive villa for a bit more of a treat. Hope you all have a lovely time at the wedding xx

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