Why I love you Wednesday

So today is Wednesday!! And here is why I’m spreading the love

I love you because even in the last week you’ve changed so much it’s unbelieveable

I love you because today you we’re mocking me I think, every time you went to the oven, you started saying  NO NO NO, you’re a Monkey

Because you fill me with so much joy, yet at the same time I could pull out my own hair

Because you’re so cute that me and your daddy sometimes sneak into your room when we think  the other is asleep to check on you & watch you sleep

You are the reason I’m constantly trying to become a better Mammy, person, wife

Because your taste in music is just as terrible as mine, this was proved by your dancing to the backstreet boys!!

I love when you tell me CAR!!! Every single time a car drives past us

I love that even tho you’ll cry when I leave you at nursery, you’ll be so brave and have the most fun time ever

I love you baby boy!!

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