Mothers day Part 1

I’m a little behind on this post but better late than never I always say, so Sunday was Mothers day a day that obviously means more to me now I get the presents am a mother. I was organised this year and sent cards & flowers etc to mammy & mammy in law and I hope they really had an amazing day. So what did you do with your Mothers day?? I’ll you how mine went.

It wasn’t a bad day at all, I just done things I would rather not have done on a day I’m supposed to be drinking relaxing on, it was our last day in Finland so I had to say goodbye to my beautiful friend Jo & her equally beautiful wee girl who after the week will forever be known to me as “Mummi Hair”. I hate airport goodbyes with a passion but Cest La vie they have become part of our lives. Next on my Mothers day agenda was a 2 hour flight with a toddler, I went into to battle prepared this time, took No shit from anyone, armed with books, cars, & ipod I wasn’t going to have a repeat of my last return flight. However LPV fell asleep for what I was hoping would be the whole flight. Sadly mistaken he woke after 25minutes!!! (happy feckin mothers day) he was a good boy thou No crying just annoyed the other passengers with his police car which makes an annoying sound & all the loud talking apps on the ipod. This pleased me a lot as the woman sat in front on me bleated out “Oh No” when she saw me sitting behind her. I proceeded to tell her how dare she and when her husband requested to swap seats with me (he was sat in the middle) I told him politely & very smugly NO!!!

Daddy was there to pick us up and when I arrived home I had a lovely bunch of flowers & a North face coat waiting for me, I was a lucky lady. We decided to attempt dinner out as we had no food in the house & I for one was not cooking OR going food shopping. There is a lovely new restaurant across the road from us, we all bundled in there, it was soooo empty there was practically an echo but we were told that we were lucky as they had two tables available…………………Wow weeeee jackass I’m honoured. It was good as they had a wee play room for LPV,  who decided this was absolutely not good enough and proceed to run around the place like the Duracell bunny on speed. The slowest waiter on earth came to take our drink order, he was english but for some unknown reason had trouble with  an Orange juice and Lemonade????  He brought drinks & menus and sloped off again, LPV was doing 100th lap by now so EPD told me to order for him too. Whilst scanning the menu, I smelt this god awful smell, like burning rubber. I looked up to find  I had  CAUGHT THE  MENU on FIRE!!!!!!!

This raised my stress levels to the point of No return we drank our drinks, left the money on the table and left, I have to say the waiter had been there to help put the burning menu inferno out. We headed to domino’s picked up a pizza went home and watched Justin’s House!!!

It’s days like these that you can look back on and laugh, I don’t think I would have changed it for the world, Hope you had a great day!!


4 thoughts on “Mothers day Part 1

  1. thoughtsfromthekitchensink says:

    Lovely post, made me laugh too.

    Mother’s Day with little ones has never been very glam for me either, my expectation’s these day’s are very different. I now go along with just whatever will keep them all quiet for that day and keep willing the hand’s of the clock to reach 7.30pm at which time I sit down with a well earned G&T lol. Like you say when you look back you laugh and realise you wouldn’t have had it any other way 🙂 (well maybe minus the 2 hour flight and the fire in your case lol, bless you xxx)

  2. mammy obrien says:

    OH trace you just crack me up it could only happen to you . So glad you stuck to your guns on the plane your learning fast . Cant wait to see you on friday need some liam cuddles love you all xxxxxx mum

  3. mumofthreeboys says:

    Oh no! How funny, probably wasn’t at the time though. My friend just the same on valentines day in a restaurant in Venice only it was her hair that caught on fire lol!
    I hate it with a vengeance when people tut at children being children they seem to forget they were once small themselves, glad you didn’t take no **** from the couple on the plane x

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